“Islam belongs in Europe…”

…and the British army is preparing to take the fight to those who reject the profit of Islam. this is stomach churning:

Mike Hookem, a UK Independence Party Member of the European Parliament said: “EU flagged military vehicles on exercise on Salisbury Plain is stomach churning.”

“How can the government possibly claim this is nothing to do with having a standing EU Army?”

One of the British Army units set to join a new European Union (EU) battlegroup prayed at a radical Islamist mosque just weeks ago, Breitbart London can reveal.

The 4th Infantry Brigade – otherwise known as the ‘Black Rats’ – were revealed by Breitbart London to have been part of an outreach project near their barracks in North Yorkshire which saw them praying at a mosque run by Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) operatives.

TJ, known to some as the ‘Army of Darkness’, is linked to a number of global terrorist atrocities including 9/11, 7/7, and the recent San Bernardino shootings. They are also linked to the Taliban.

And the unit will now report to the European Union under the direction of High Representative Federica Mogherini who is famed for claiming “Islam belongs in Europe”.

At the time, the 4th Infantry Brigade stated: “Brigade officers visit to the Zakaria Mosque. The officers were introduced to the ritual washing of hands, face and feet by Molana Farook Yunus, the project manager of Kumon Y’All, before entering the prayer room”.


The Deobandi Zakaria mosque sits in the Savile Town area of Dewsbury, which is 98.7 per cent South Asian and has been described as “the most segregated area in the UK.”

Now the unit is set to join the ‘EU High Readiness Battlegroup’ which currently has troops from Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, and Ireland as part of it.

The news will no doubt raise concerns as to the ‘Britishness’ of this British Army battalion – as it liaises with terror-linked mosques and answers to orders from the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

The news will also likely embolden EU referendum campaigners on the ‘Leave’ side of the debate.

Mike Hookem, a UK Independence Party Member of the European Parliament said: “EU flagged military vehicles on exercise on Salisbury Plain is stomach churning.”

“How can the government possibly claim this is nothing to do with having a standing EU Army?”

“This is a British Battlegroup preparing for readiness for an EU instructed conflict – it is a Brigadier who has sworn allegiance to Her Majesty taking orders from the EU’s High Representative, Federica Mogherini.”

An Army spokesperson told Breitbart London: “The visit to Dewsbury… was part of a wider strategy of demonstrating that service with the British Army is entirely consistent with Islam.”

Ms. Mogherini, to whom the new battlegroup will report, has stated that “Islam belongs in Europe,” adding: “I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture”.

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    …..”Not unless we want to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider, and I’m not going to mention what I am thinking about here, but I’m quite sure that none of us would do such a thing”…….”we are certainly not going to make physical attacks on Muslims, that is outside of our culture”………..

    -The epitaph of a coward, collaborator and coattail rider, Lars Hedegaard

    How remarkable that the chin rubbers, the “intellectuals” , the academics, the “peace-mongers”, cowards, collaborators and coattail riders every single one, with breath reeking of Muslim ass and boot-tip, now call for “cohabitation” with the filthy Muslim.

    Lets meet one of the “educated and enlightened” academics.

    Lets meet Lars Hedegaard of Denmark.

    Lars Hedegaard needs no introduction really, at least not to anyone remotely familiar with the fight against Islam. Mr. Hedegaard is a writer, blogger and outspoken activist against Islam whose activities placed him on the Islamic “most wanted” list. Mr. Hedegaard is an active supporter of Geert Wilders and Lars Vilks.

    This activism came to the attention of a Muslim, Basil Hassan, who decided one day to make a special Islamic delivery to Mr. Hedegaard. Fortunately for Mr. Hedegaard this bumbling Muslim failed to ensure his weapon was in good repair and after firing one shot, grappled with Mr Hedegaard briefly, then fled. The Muslim escaped to Syria and was arrested in Turkey. Worthy of note is this little Muslim, Basil Hassan, is now free after being traded in a prisoner swap involving Turkish nationals held prisoner by Daesh.

    That was then.

    This is now.

    Sadly, owing to dementia or garden variety cowardice, I favour the latter, Lars Hedegaard has had a change of heart. Perhaps it was the special delivery that has convinced Mr. Hedegaard that Muslims really are a peace loving group and their needs, desires and demands must be accommodated immediately. Howsoever occasioned, Mr. Hedegaard, like Tommy Robinson et al, has decided that if you can’t beat’em, you might as well join’em. Sickening.

    As illustrated in the video below, Mr. Hedegaard, in a speaking engagement in Norway, demonstrates a complete 180 degree shift in his political opinion regarding the tyranny of the Muslim. Cowardice and capitulation abounds.

    Listen very carefully to Mr. Hedegaard and you hear the echoes of Hitler’s little French poodle, Marshal Petain.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard blanches at the prospect of meeting the violence of the Muslim with greater violence. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, presumptuous, sentences defenceless European women and children to a festival of Muslim, rape, sodomy and murder and all because European men should refuse “to employ means that no civilized man would ever consider”. How rich.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us we must accommodate the filthy Muslim wherever and whenever it decides to establish an Islamic beachhead in our communities. Sickening.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard whimpers, whines and pleads the Muslim case, telling us that we must tolerate the Muslim in all of its loving acts of murder and madness as it smears the excrement of Islam on the entirety of Western civilization.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard, acting as an expert in military strategy, claims the West is completely powerless to stop Muslims and the illusion of an Islamic juggernaut.

    Listen very carefully as Hedegaard surrenders his kith, his kin, his heritage, his culture and his country to the verminous, violent Muslim.

    This is cowardice, pure, yellow, cowardice.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the filthy Muslim wetting its pants with laughter as it cuts our throats.

    This is the kind of cowardice that has the Danish patriots, Bent Faurschou-Hviid and Jørgen Haagen Schmith (Flame and Citron) rolling in their graves.

    Lars Hedegaard lives and breathes, riding the coattails of courageous Danish patriots who refused to suffer Nazi tyranny. Lars Hedegaard is a coward and a collaborator. May the stain of cowardice be Hedegaards’ legacy. May shame and mocking laughter be Hedegaards’ life and may his life be long. At least until the next Islamic special delivery arrives.

    Remember Lars, the Postman doesn’t always ring twice.

    Wallace Carlson
    “Looking for Churchill and finding only Chamberlain”
    Somewhere down the Delaware
    North America


    1. On the contrary, Islam belongs everywhere and in everyone who is sincere.
      Ugh,This is why I dont search anything Islamic in english.
      Whatever lies,ppl spread,Islam will prevail for Truth stands out from Error.
      Plus,jokes on them,some ppl intending to find evil in Islam,embraced it,their search having brought them to truth.

      May God’s guidance be upon you all.

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