Elmo Rubs It

After a brief hiatus, Australia’s biggest halal shyster returns to his Facebook page: totally over the moon by his coreligionist Sadiq Khan winning the mayors office (how?) in Londonistan against a hated Jew, he now wants to run for the city of Sydney:

Elmo hubris

Elmo's running mate

Bigots ghettos

Now Elmo may be a clever shyster who excels in the art of cheating Aussies out of millions in halal taxes, but he doesn’t know what a steak is. This is not a steak:

Elmo steak

Elmo divides

2 thoughts on “Elmo Rubs It”

  1. El Mo lives as a hog.

    Saddick Khan is seen as a source of inspiration by clowns like Elmo. Why is it that they are needed?

    How many prominent Jews do we hear from who are always advertising their religion? Or prominent Chinese doctors etc – do you ever hear any of them trying to push Buddhism down everyone’s throats? Muslims are always making islam such an issue for them (and us).

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