Number of Victorian women joining Islamic State rises

Isil females

FIVE more Melbourne women have fled to Syria to become jihadi brides in the past 12 months — taking the total number of Victorians to 10.

It is believed Victorian women could contribute more than a third of the Australian jihadi brides in Syria.

And at least one Victorian woman is believed to have been killed in the Islamic State war zone.

The most recent five women, aged between 17 and 25, travelled in pairs while one woman made the trip to Syria via Turkey on her own.

The frightening development comes as fellow Australian Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad — the sister of teenager Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar who killed Curtis Cheng outside a Sydney police station last October — was confirmed dead by the Pentagon, along with her IS husband Abu Sa’ad al-Sudani.

Shadi Jabar — also known as Umm Isa al Amrikiah — and her husband were killed in a coalition air strike on April 22 near the Syrian town of Al-Bab.

The couple were considered key recruiters for IS worldwide.

A spokesman for the Pentagon confirmed: “Both al-Sudani and his wife were active in recruiting foreign fighters in efforts to inspire attacks against Western interests.”

Victoria Police counter-terror chief, Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther, says the young women who travelled more recently to Syria appeared to have been radicalised and engaged online. These five bring the total number of Victorians who had travelled to the terror group to 10.

Melbourne woman Zehra Duman — who married now dead playboy jihadi Mahmoud Abdullatif — and Dullel Kassab have been in the Islamic State controlled areas of Syria for more than two years.

The father of Ms Kassab — who fled to Syria with her two children under five in 2014 — said the government had not come up with effective ways to stop some youth being attracted to the terror groups.

Zehra Duman.
Dullel Kassab.

“Those that come back would be the biggest advocates against the stupidity (of leaving),” Jalal Kassab said,

“They come back and say it is not what we thought it was, but they don’t do that they put them in jail.

“These are real people, there are families that are hurting and picking up pieces, this is not good for anyone.

“Humanity would tell us we need to better the situation and not add fuel to the fire.”

“Humanity” for Muslims means Muslims only. Jalal Kassab is an Islamo agitprop  who insists that returnees are welcomed back into their community without being punished. We would insist that none of them are allowed to return under any circumstances. (SY)

According to the AFP’s counter-terror chief, Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan, there are believed to be about 30 Australian women in the region around Syria.

Another 10 are providing support in Australia.

Mr Guenther said his team was researching the role of women in fostering an environment that allowed extremist ideology to grow.

“Because I don’t think it’s something we have done terribly well in the past.

“I think what we have done … we have focused very much on the men and the young men that are going there and then when I look at it and see we’ve still got lots of young women actually travelling there.”