Islamic migrants in Australia are largely sustained by the taxes paid by other Australians.

We’re paying for our own demise.

Bernard Gaynor

The truth is that without public funding – from the taxpayer and at the grocery checkout in the form of an Islamic levy on food – Islam in Australia would probably cease to function.

Here are just some of the ways you’re funding and promoting Islam in this nation whenever you pay tax or buy food.

Attorney General’s department – Building Community Resilience Program

  • $120,000 provided to the Australian Football League for its Bachar Houli Islamic program. It funds a football competition open only to Islamic schools. Houli is sponsored by Crescent Wealth and they promote Islamic finance, or, in other words, Sharia law economics.
  • $100,000 provided to the Australian Multicultural Foundation to ‘train’ 20 leaders to build community awareness and resilience. ‘Leaders’ are drawn from various organisations, including the Australian National Imam’s Council (ANIC). In 2014, ANIC opposed laws prohibiting the advocation of terrorism because they impinge on the Islamic community’s religious freedom.
  • $114,820 provided to the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights to tackle intra-Islamic sectarianism. It’s a nice goal and I hope it succeeds: it would be the first time that’s happened in Islamic history. I’m not sure that the fact the government is now funding programs to prevent intra-Islamic violence bodes well for Australia’s future. This is not the only grant this organisation has received and it gets another go below.
  • $115,700 provided to People Against Violent Extremism (PAVE) run by the Muslim counter-terrorism ‘expert’, Dr Anne Aly. PAVE helpfully explains that violent religious extremism could be ‘militant Islamism’, or just plain old ‘Christian’. Interestingly, PAVE believes that if your grandfather was captured by the Japanese in World War Two, you may be at risk of having a ‘background in extremism’. As such, it’s not surprising that Dr Aly advocates the idea that right-wing extremism is a bigger problem than Islamic terrorism, or that PAVE pictures an extremist this way:


  • $56,500 provided to SalamCare for its program to look at the ‘root causes’ of extremism. SalamCare has signed an open letter decrying government measures to protect Australians from those returning here after fighting for the Islamic State. SalamCare’s Secretary, Rebecca Kay, wrote ‘Allahu Akbar’ on her Facebook page when the Islamic State declared the caliphate (she now claims she did not realise the brutality of IS at the time) and she also claims that allowing Geert Wilders to visit Australia will ‘damage’ de-radicalisation efforts.
  • Only 9 out of 34 grants allocated under this $1.6 million program in 2013/14 have been made public and more than half of those went to promote Islamic organisations, or organisations run by Muslims. You can see the full list of grants here, while it has been reported that the remainder have been kept secret due to their sensitivity. That makes sense. Given the embarrassing reality of the grants outlined above and the fact that additional grants went to such ‘unifying’ places as mosques, the government is probably too embarrassed to list who else it has shelled out funds too. On the bright side, Fairfax media reports that this grant program to counter violent extremism has resulted in punch upsbetween Islamic groups squabbling over the funds.

Attorney General’s department – Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Case Funding

  • The great thing about Australia is that when violent criminals face court, we often pay for their legal fees. This is due to a legal principle that sounds good in theory: everyone is entitled to a fair trial. In practice, it means that the taxpayer often stumps up for the legal fees of serious criminals. This includes those facing terrorism charges. If the government does not fund their defence, the entire trial could be permanently stayed.
  • $5,152,000 was allocated by the federal government to fund the legal costs for defendants in serious criminal matters in 2015/16. It is not known what proportion of these funds will be used to cover legal fees for those facing terrorism charges, but all funds went to New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. I guess that’s where the government thinks the serious criminals are and you can make your own assessment about what that means.
  • You can see the full list of Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Case Funding grants here.

Attorney General’s department – Australian Security Intelligence Organisation scheme

  • The federal government also pays grants to cover legal representation costs and other expenses for persons who are summonsed by ASIO for questioning.
  • $1,072,542 was allocated by the Attorney General’s department for ‘financial assistance towards legal costs and related expenses’. Presumably this covers the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation scheme, as well as others also run by this department.
  • You can see the full list of legal funding grants here.

Attorney General’s department – Australia New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee

  • $564,460 was provided to Multicultural NSW to help fight terrorism. However, it promptly appears to have spent it on an e-magazine called The Point, in which hijab wearing journalists write articles stating that the threat of far-right extremism is as great as terrorism.
  • You can see the full list of Australia New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee grants here.

Attorney General’s department – Schools Security Program

  • $4,439,800 was provided to 15 Islamic schools under the Schools Security Program. Apparently, there is a risk of intra-sectarian violence at Islamic schools and, as a result, the taxpayer must stump up for security costs. Luckily, our multicultural society now also means that we have paid an additional $7,569,100 to protect Jewish schools as well.
  • You can see the announcement of the Schools Security Program grants here.

Australian Federal Police

  • $6,000 was provided to Australian Muslim Voice Inc on 26 July 2015. Early this week, Australian Muslims Voice Inc’s Facebook page was defendingHizb ut Tahrir’s message to reject Australia.
  • $500 was provided to the Online Hate Prevention Institute’s ‘Spotlight on Anti Muslim Hate’ campaign on 24 September 2015. Just so you know, this campaign classifies opposition to Islamic immigration into Europe as hate-speech. It specifically states that the image below is also ‘hate-speech’:


  • $1,500 was provided to the Islamic Council of Victoria on 25 June 2015. The Islamic Council of Victoria is famous for criticising Victorian policeinstead of Numan Haider after he stabbed two police officers in September 2014.
  • $283,472 was provided to the Australian Intervention Support Hub (AISH) on 22 June 2015. AISH is co-run by Dr Clarke Jones and has received about another $800,000 from other federal government sources. According to Dr Jones, “Islam is a very peaceful religion and there’s been too much focus on it.”
  • $66,000 was provided to the Lebanese Muslim Association for its GoActive Game Changers program. The Lebanese Muslim Association lobbied to stop Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, receiving a visa to Australia to launch the Australian Liberty Alliance earlier this year. Last year the Lebanese Muslim Association hosted US-based imam, Zaid Shakir, as the keynote speaker for its Sydney Muslim Conference. Imam Zaid has stated:

“If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshalled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time….What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims.” 

  • $3,000 was provided to St George Youth Services for its Muslim Youth and Police Partnership Program. This consisted of role-playing where Muslims and Police ‘reversed’ roles. No doubt, reinforcing the victim-mentality helps to improve relations between the Islamic community and law enforcement agencies.
  • $3,000 was provided to Nahdlatul Ulama Australia Incorporated to promote Gus Dur ideas of Islam. Nahdlatul Ulama has been behind the push to implement Sharia law in Indonesia’s Aceh province.
  • You can see the full list of AFP grants here.

Department of Social Services

  • $165,431,580 was provided in 2015 as Settlement Grants to various organisations to ‘create a welcoming environment and opportunities for new arrivals’ and to connect them to mainstream (read government) services. These grants also fund organisations closely affiliated with the ‘new migrants’ to advocate on their behalf with government agencies. Now, to be fair, not all of this funding goes to the Islamic community or Islamic organisations. But much of it goes to ‘progressive’ organisations that claim that Islamic immigration is good for Australia and they all feast on taxpayer funding to ‘assimilate’ a minority that costs a lot more to assimilate than any other.
  • You can view the full list of Department of Social Security grants by opening the spreadsheet on this page. Please note, you will probably not just feel frustration at how much the Department of Social Services spends on Islam, but how much it spends altogether on questionable programs all over this nation. I, for one, would be quite happy to see Catholic organisations lose their ‘diversity program’ funding. Some of the grants provided to Islamic organisations are listed below.
  • $1,479,341 was provided to the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights on 1 March 2015 and another $192,129 on 1 July 2015. This organisation has campaigned against domestic violence in the Islamic community. That’s good. It’s also called Australians racist over and over again. That’s not so good.
  • $340,282 was provided to the Lebanese Muslim Association on 7 October 2014 to provide aged care services for the Arabic speaking Muslim community in Western Sydney. While plenty of Catholic organisations also receive funding, none of the grants are tied to providing services specifically to Catholics.
  • $2,176,570 was provided to the Lebanese Muslim Association on 1 May 2015 for its Engage, Challenge, Grow program. Yes, this is the same Lebanese Muslim Association mentioned above and, yes, it also received grants from the Australian Federal Police. This money has previously been used to run mosque open days and to teach the non-Islamic community about Islam. That’ll stop the violence, I’m sure. It should come as no surprise that these programs are utterly useless on any objective analysis. The Australian reported in March 2015 that more than $5 million had been wasted on these programs, including a $100,000 educational program run by the Lebanese Muslim Association that a grand total of 12 people rocked up to.
  • $165,000 was provided to the Muslim Women Association on 1 March 2015 for its Australian Muslim Youth Together (AMYT) program. The only thing it appears AMYT has done thus far is call for the design of a logo. It must reflect an organisation that supports youth of Muslim background to deal with cultural, racial or religious intolerance. Apparently, this also includes disharmony that exists between Muslim youth from different sects of Islam.
  • The Islamic Women’s Association of Qld has done very well over the past year. It has received grants of $22,000, $454,168, $1,208,705 and $744,492. That’s almost $2.5 million which is pretty good for an organisation that does not have a website but receives funds for settlement grants, health care and aged care.

Welfare and Centrelink payments

  • Obviously, welfare payments are not made on the basis of religious belief. However, the facts are clear. Humanitarian immigrants are much more likely to remain on Centrelink payments, even after five years of living in Australia, according to a 2011 Department of Immigration Report. Further, only 9% of Afghan and 12% of Iraqi immigrants surveyed had employment. As such, it is clear that Islamic immigrants in Australia are largely sustained by the taxes paid by other Australians.
  • There is an additional problem with welfare payments. Many Islamic immigrants engage in polygamy. Polygamy has been pushed by Keysar Trad and is practiced from Lakemba (where imams are performing polygamous marriages every week) to the Gold Coast (where it is brazenly acknowledged that double-dipping of Centrelink payments occurs). True, Centrelink reported in 2010 that about 20 polygamous couples had been forced to hand back payments. But if the security agencies can’t track how many Australians are actually fighting for the Islamic State, and if the police are unable to prevent more than 250 child marriages in Australia, do you really think Centrelink can crack down on Islamic polygamous double-dipping?

Tourism Australia

  • Tourism Australia has partnered with HalalTrip to produce an Islamic tourism guide to Australia. It is unknown how much government funding was allocated to this project. HalalTrip is own by Crescentrating Pte Ltd. Crescentrating promotes sharia-compliant tourism with included additions such as halal food, prayers and even segregation of men and women at tourist events and sites. Given the halal certification dollar has seen our meat industry sacrifice itself to Allah, do not be surprised if halal tourism ends up impacting impact Australia as well. After all, even the Gold Coast mayor has called for Gold Coast suburbs to convert to Islamto bring in the tourist dollar.

Queensland Police

  • The Queensland Police service has announced that it will employ sevenMuslim police liaison officers.

Australian Defence Force

  • An imam has been appointed to the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services to advise the Australian Defence Force (ADF) about how it can employ more Muslims. He gets paid $717 a day, plus travel allowances. This is the same imam who called for Sharia law in 2012 and who defended Hizb ut Tahrir earlier this year. By the way, there are more Buddhists than Muslims in the ADF and they don’t have any religious representation.
  • Two Islamic advisors have been appointed in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) since 2012. In July 2013, there were 15 Muslims serving full-time in the RAN. That means there is a paid advisor for every 7.5 Muslims. Meanwhile, hundreds of Muslim Australians have signed up to fight for the Islamic State.
  • Like every other politically-correct organisation these days, the RAN has also funded Islamic dinners. Except it organises these in the Australian War Memorial.
  • $104,397,600 was paid to the Afghan National Army Trust Fund. I suppose it’s a little unfair to include this payment in this list but I don’t know many people who think that the Afghan Army will fare any better than the Iraqi Army in coming years. It seems a lot like throwing good money after bad. It’s even worse that we’re funding a military that is constitutionally bound to defend Sharia law.


  • In just one example, the Malek Fahd Islamic School received $17.5 million in federal government funding in 2013. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the average private school receives about one quarter of the percentage of funding received by this Islamic school.

Halal Certification

  • It was revealed at the halal certification inquiry that the Islamic community raises between at least $20 and $30 million per year from certification fees on export meat alone. As such, the total figure raised on domestic food products (and used to fund mosques and other Islamic programs in Australia) is likely to be much higher. This is a private levy imposed on all Australians without their choice and it is used to fund and promote Islam.
  • In addition, as a result of halal certification, about 60-70% of all domestically consumed red-meat in Australia is halal certified and about 95% of chicken meat. That means the meat industry is largely employing Muslims. It’s just another way we are all being forced to support the Islamic community in this country – and it’s not because we choose to, but because it has been imposed on us. You can read a detailed report about all the other problems with halal certification here.

Finally, if you think any of this will change in the near future, think again. After the Parramatta terrorist attack, launched from the Parramatta mosque, the Islamic demand for more cash was issued. And the New South Wales government responded by announcing $4 million was on the way.

No wonder the government wants to raise the GST…

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  1. And so it is all over the civilized world. You allow muslim “refugees” in. Then you support them for the rest of their lives because they refuse to assimilate. Cultural Suicide. We need them to bolster social security? They all live on the dole and contribute nothing.

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