Islamopuffery On Stilts: Mustard “Fashion” Downunder

Thanks to the always brilliant Christina McIntosh

Auntie Does Dawa, or, Islamopuffery On Stilts: ABC Reports on Muslim Fashion Exhibition in Australia


Doing the dawa-artists’ work for them by representing the Mohammedan female gang uniform, or to put it more vulgarly, slave rag, as just soooo amazing and all those be-hijabbed Muslimahs as sooo modern and hip and ‘just like us’, except of course, so much more virtuous than the slutty infidel tarts whose garb, being non-Islamic, is  – whatever it might happen to be – ipso facto not ‘modest’.  

You will observe, whilst reading this article, that the word “Muslim” appears in the headline and eight more times in the course of a relatively brief report.  I would suggest then going back and perusing the other article I have just reproduced and commented upon, an article describing the arrest and charging of a Sydney-resident Muslim man who was involved with a large Muslim plot to conduct a mass-murderous ghazi terror raid aimed at Australian government workers.  

Ask yourself why Islam should be discreetly airbrushed out of one report and glowingly placed front and centre in the other.  

And ask yourself a further question: why do we not see any breathless reports doing free publicity for, inter alia, a “Jewish clothing exhibition” or a “Hindu clothing exhibition” or a “Buddhist clothing exhibition” or a “Sikh clothing exhibition” or a “Christian (or, to be more specific, Amish, or Catholic, or Orthodox, or Anglican) clothing exhibition”?  

And let’s also ask ourselves why it is women’s clothing, only, and not men’s, that features in this exhibition of “Muslim” fashion.  Somebody should protest in the name of gender equality!  Where are the male mannequins sporting bushy sharia-compliant henna-dyed beards (no moustache, though), and sharia-compliant trousers  hemmed up to be the regulation height above the ankle, and made up to display splendidly-developed zebibahs, and various interpretations of Muslim male headgear – the fez, the turban, the kefi – and of course, no silk shirts permitted, and no gold chains.

A report by the ABC’s Siobhan Heanue.

“Modesty Meets Modern Fashion in Muslim Clothing Exhibition On Display in Canberra”.
“Australia has no moral right to speak about anything if it does not stand up for Muslims around the world.”

The audacity and the insolence of these Mustards is breathtaking. This guy expects the dhimmi, the subjugated people of Australia, to defend Mohammedan interests:

Grow a spine, says Muslim leader
The backroom leader of the peak national body for Muslims says the federal government should “grow a spine” and it has “no moral right” to lecture the community on terrorist threats.

“Modesty Meets Modern Fashion in Muslim Clothing Exhibition On Display in Canberra”.

Modesty, Modern, Muslim.  Nice bit of alliteration, there, from whoever concocted the headline. Note the subliminal message – that Modesty = Muslim Female Dress.  Ergo, if you are female and not wearing Muslim costume, you are not Modest.  – CM

‘A travelling exhibition showcasing Muslim fashion in Australia has opened at the National Archives in Canberra.

‘The show, from Sydney’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, showcases local designs that marry a modest (sic – more precisely, “sharia-compliant” – CM) aesthetic with fashion forward trends.

‘Australian fashion designers have tapped into an international market of women who want fashionable clothing that still adheres to Muslim tenets of modesty.

Tenets that apply only to female Mohammedans.  As for the dirty infidel females… that’s a different matter.  The sharia says that a female non-Muslim sex slave, a Muslim male’s ‘possession of the right hand’, be she a Yazidi or Assyrian Christian ten-year-old snatched from her family, can be naked from the waist up.  Such girls, seized and then sold like cattle by Islamic State jihadis piously emulating the example of Mohammed, are indeed often stripped from head to toe.  

But I don’t think our mohammedan fashion exhibition is going to show us the sorts of dress, or undress, that are inflicted on the female infidel victims of Muslim slave raiders and rapists, whether in Africa or in the Middle East, or on the female underaged girls – to the tune of thousands – who were (and are) ‘groomed’ and pimped and terrorised and brutalised by Muslim rape gangs all over the UK.  

I wonder what would happen if a Resistance organisation were to spoof this “Muslim clothing exhibition” by setting up a counter-exhibition that displayed the assorted states of dress, or rather, undress, routinely imposed on female Infidel captives and sex-slaves by Mohammedan slave-raiders and merciless mohammedan masters, both past and present?  Or that  illustrated the special mohammedan meanings of ‘modest’ and ‘immodest’, or ‘clothed’ and ‘naked’, by showing on the one hand, a row of models wearing hijab (from the headbag all the way through to the burka), labelled “Modesty” and on the other, a wide variety of Infidel females, all dressed (by infidel standards) very modestly indeed, but all bluntly labelled “Uncovered Meat”? – CM

‘The global market for Muslim fashion is worth more than $200 billion, with the most customers in Turkey and Indonesia.

This is BS.   70 to 80% of the worlds Muslims live in abject poverty on a dollar a day, They just haven’t got that kind of money. This is a fairytale, a typical Arabian exaggeration, for which this people are famous. (SY)

I would like to know how this compares to the global market for non-Muslim fashion. And observe that formerly-superficially-secularised Turkey and somewhat-kafirized Indonesia are the polities trotted out for inspection (let’s ignore the fact that both Turkey and Indonesia are bidding fair to become steadily more sharia-compliant in the near future). – CM

‘Curator Glynis Jones said high-fashion Muslim attire was one of the largest growth areas in the global fashion industry.

‘She said Australian Muslims (that is: “Australia-resident Muslims” – CM) were adapting fashion to suit them.

“Garments that express their faith (sic: “that declare their membership in and allegiance to the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, the Allah Gang” – CM) but also allow them to explore the nuances of fashion and trends”, she said.

Shall we ask the kidnapped, enslaved, and force-‘converted’ girls of Chibok what they get to wear or not wear when their Muslim captors rape them?  We can’t ask one of them, a Christian lass called Monica Enoch, though; because she stubbornly and courageously refused to convert to Islam her Muslim captors put her in a hole in the ground and threw rocks at her until she was dead.   – CM

‘The Australian designs on show in the exhibition include everything from casual wear to formal designs and swimwear.

‘The exhibition also spotlights influential Muslim fashion bloggers lilke Delina Darusman-Gala.

‘Female fashion bloggers sharing their styles and thoughts online have encouraged many young Australian Muslims to express their individuality through their attire.

Visitors to the show have the chance to browse through Muslim fashion magazines (let’s not mention those other Muslim magazines, for example Dabiq and Inspire, the ones aimed at devout young Muslim men, containing instructions on how to improvise the means for killing and terrorising as many Infidels as possible, as brutally as possible – CM) and street style images as well as look at local designs in detail.

‘The show also profiles several high-profile Australian Muslim women, to get their views on life, career, faith and fashion.

‘The exhibit, “Faith, Fashion, Fusion”, is on show at the National Archives of Australia until September 4.”

And thus concludes our latest exercise in what I can only call Islamopuffery, a deadly confection of equal parts syrup and cyanide, or arsenic and icing sugar. 

To get the taste out of our mouths, let’s have a reality check from Sir Winston Churchill in The River Wars (original unexpurgated edition).

“…The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.... No stronger retrograde force exists in the world...”.

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