Jewish leaders demand Islamic Hizb ut-Tahrir teacher be sued for anti-Semitic hate speech

“Tiny minority of excremists” gathering in Indonesia

Muselmaniacs suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk. The Qu’ran, sira & hadith are full of it. Genocide of Jews, that’s what Muhammad did, and he was the perfect man, the man every believer must emulate.

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Australian Islamist leaders incite Jihad against Jews to expel them from Palestine.

Sydney Jewish leaders are demanding the head of controversial Islamic group  Hizb ut-Tahrir be prosecuted under anti-discrimination laws for inciting hatred against Jewish people in a fiery speech last year.

Vic Alhadeff, chief executive of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, wrote to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on Monday, urging them to take legal action against radical Islamic leader Ismail al-Wahwah.

On July 25, after a public rally in Sydney against Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip, Mr al-Wahwah called for jihad against Jews to a large gathering in Lakemba, saying in Arabic: “The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them.”

"The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them": Ismail Al-Wahwah.“The entire world suffers from the children of Israel today and complains about them”: Ismail Al-Wahwah. Photo: Steven Siewert

The Muslim cleric continued: “Who will set the world free from the children of Israel so that the world will be able to say that it has rid itself of that hidden evil?”

Standing in front of a young boy holding a black and white flag, he then said: “This mission will be accomplished by none but you, O Muslims … The ember of jihad against the Jews will continue to burn. The struggle and the jihad will continue until the words of Allah come true.”

A video with English subtitles of Mr al-Wahwah’s inflammatory speech, which was posted on YouTube, also records the unseen crowd chanting, “Khaybar, Khaybar” throughout – part of an anti-Semitic “war cry” that emerged during the historic battle of Khaybar in which Jews were massacred.

"The cheap allegation of 'hate speech' is a McCarthyist attempt to silence dissent": Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar.“The cheap allegation of ‘hate speech’ is a McCarthyist attempt to silence dissent”: Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar. Photo: Edwina Pickles

The extract is repeated by Mr Alhadeff in his letter to the anti-discrimination board. He said the speech was a thinly veiled call for violence against Jewish people on the basis of their race, “as Khaybar was the scene of a 7th century massacre of Jews in what is now Saudi Arabia”.

The “unrestrained venom” and “poisonous rant” not only fuelled hatred against Jews, but also threatened physical harm, he said in a separate opinion piece.

“His diatribe was not anti-Israel sentiment, as some supporters ­insist, but vile and crude Jew-­hatred reminiscent of last year’s anti-Israel rallies that descended into blatant anti-Semitism, complete with Nazi swastikas and placards evoking racist images that had nothing to do with the Middle East,” Mr Alhadeff wrote.

A spokesman for  Hizb ut-Tahrir, Uthman Badar, told Fairfax Media last month that the comments were in response to Israel’s indiscriminate and “brutal” attacks on the Gaza Strip which killed hundreds of innocent people.

“The cheap allegation of ‘hate speech’ is a McCarthyist attempt to silence dissent,” Mr Badar said. “It is support for Israeli atrocities, such as that afforded by the Prime Minister, that spreads hate, not principled opposition thereof.”

More than 1400 civilians, mainly Gazans, were killed in the seven-week Israel-Gaza conflict, according to the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

In a national security speech delivered in February, Prime Minister Tony Abbott assured the public he would crack down on Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Mr Abbott has previously expressed frustration the government could not proscribe the radical Muslim group under current laws.

Hizb ut-Tahrir chapters in Germany, Russia and several Middle Eastern countries have been banned, but the ones in Britain and Australia continue to operate.

– with Natalie O’Brien

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    I smell an assassination of Marxist politicians, bureaucrats and judges any day now, anyyyyyyyyyyyy day…..

    And it smells like delicious home-cooking, to wake one morning and find our newspapers splashed with the photographs of Angela Merkel’s head in pieces, the contents of her cranium splashed across a podium, the victim of a brave German patriot, well now, color me intemperate and irrational but that would be cause for a second cup of coffee and another order of toast with marmalade spread ever so thickly. Quite frankly the sight of assassinated Marxists whets my appetite, makes my cheeks all rosy and flushed, my heart all a pitter-patter…….

    I can hardly wait, I can really and truly hardly wait.

    On another matter, seems patriots are turning their attentions to the festering dens of murderous Islamic reflection, it seems mosques, those quaint little Muslim beachheads, those homes to verminous little mass murdering, self-detonating, child molesting lunatics are mysteriously bursting into flames willy-nilly……who knew!!!!……..quelle surprise!!!!

    I expect that soon we will see Imams like Abu Quatada or Anjem Choudary shot to death on his way back from the grocers with a bag of halal chicken and 10 pounds of Semtex. Tut, tut, tut, tut.

    Perhaps we could include Canada’s own sawed-off little pompous Pakistani pedophile and vulgar misery pimp, Syed B. Soharwardy in that little roster of Canadian patriots “things to do”.

    Anyway, seems selective and perhaps mass, deportations of the filthy verminous little Muslims is just around the corner. Imagine that, hundreds of thousands of filthy Muslims, weeping crocodile tears, clutching their little carpet-bags and shouting accusations of “Islamophobia” all while they are loaded onto ships destined for the filthy Islamic toilet of their choice. Between that joyous occasion and the assassinations of treasonous Marxist politicians, I will simply be all aglow.

    Watch the video below as German Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, legs it out of a rather unsettling confrontation with Germans who are fed up with the treachery and treason of their leaders.

    Like I said. Assassinations any day now.

    I can hardly wait.

    Jim Dankins
    New York, New York
    The Good Ole’ USA

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