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    I smell an assassination of Marxist politicians, bureaucrats and judges any day now, anyyyyyyyyyyyy day…..

    And it smells like delicious home-cooking, to wake one morning and find our newspapers splashed with the photographs of Angela Merkel’s head in pieces, the contents of her cranium splashed across a podium, the victim of a brave German patriot, well now, color me intemperate and irrational but that would be cause for a second cup of coffee and another order of sour-dough toast with marmalade spread ever so thickly. Quite frankly the sight of assassinated Marxists whets my appetite, makes my cheeks all rosy and flushed, my heart all a pitter-patter…….

    I can hardly wait, I can really and truly hardly wait.

    On another matter, seems patriots are turning their attentions to the festering dens of murderous Islamic reflection, it seems mosques, those quaint little Muslim beachheads, those homes to verminous little mass murdering, self-detonating, child molesting lunatics are mysteriously bursting into flames willy-nilly……who knew!!!!……..quelle surprise!!!! Well, the more the merrier say I !!!!

    I expect that soon we will see Imams like Abu Quatada or Anjem Choudary shot to death on his way back from the grocers with their bag of halal chicken and 10 pounds of Semtex. Tut, tut, tut, tut, got caught red-handed you naughty Muzzies you!!!

    Imagine that, formerly protected by Marxist governments, now these treasonous vermin, the child molesting gas-bags and blowhards called Imams and Mullahs, now running for their very lives, unprotected by police and intelligence agencies, their mosques and homes bursting into flames, now being held to account for the murders and treason they have committed with their own lives. No excuses, no trials, no Human Rights Commissions, just cold hard justice in the form of a sudden case of lead poisoning.

    I can hardly wait.

    Perhaps we could include Canada’s own sawed-off little pompous Pakistani pedophile and vulgar misery pimp, Syed B. Soharwardy in that little roster of Canadian patriots “things to do”.

    I wonder how it feels, a wretched piece of treasonous Muslim filth, knowing that they are living in civilized countries on borrowed time, that an accounting for their crimes is just around the corner.

    I know how it makes me feel; wonderful!!!!!

    Anyway, seems selective, perhaps mass, deportations of the filthy verminous little Muslims is just around the corner. Imagine that, hundreds of thousands of filthy Muslims, weeping crocodile tears, clutching their little carpet-bags and shouting accusations of “Islamophobia” all while they are loaded onto ships destined for the filthy Islamic toilet of their choice. Between that joyous occasion and the assassinations of treasonous Marxist politicians, I will simply be all aglow.

    Watch the video below as German Minister of Justice, Heiko Maas, legs it out of a rather unsettling confrontation with Germans who are fed up with the treachery and treason of their leaders. Politicians, bureaucrats, judges, lawyers and law enforcement commanders all with a price on their heads. Who knew !!!????

    Like I said. Assassinations any day now.

    Muslim deportations and trials for treason with executions to follow the day after that.

    I can hardly wait.

    Jim Dankins
    New York, New York
    The Good Ole’ USA


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