Never Stop Lying

How to Pass as a ‘Moderate Muslim’ in the Media

Dean Obeidallah and Sam Harris on CNN with Don Lemon talking anti Muslim comments by Ben Carson

If you have ten minutes to spare, I recommend watching the above video, because it encapsulates better than most how difficult it is to even discuss the threat of political Islam.

My opponent was Dean Obeidallah. As incredible as it may seem, the man has since claimed that he mopped the floor with me in this exchange. I would not have thought such a degree of self-deception possible, but then I recalled Obeidallah’s response to my and Bill Maher’s encounter with Ben Affleck last year…

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3 thoughts on “Never Stop Lying”

  1. So this “Dean of ObeyAllah” fellow says “muslims” somehow don’t promote “islam!”?

    But how can Sam Harris say “islam isn’t bad for America!” (much less for everyone else on earth, ALWAYS!)? Immoral relativist!

    1. Sam Harris said quite a few things in this clip that didn’t pass the smell test.

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