Shiite Cleric Sabah Shabr: Islam was spread by the sword

Shiite Cleric Sabah Shabr: Islam Was Spread by the Sword; So What?!

Iraqi Shiite cleric Sabah Shabr discussed the spread of Islam in a series of lectures about Jihad. Sabah confirmed that most Islamic countries were conquered by force. He said that Muslims should not try to appease the Jews and Christians by denying this and that the “true religion of Allah should be spread by the sword.” Sheikh Shabr added that when Muslims conquer the country of infidels, they should give the locals the opportunity to convert to Islam or kill them. If the locals are from among the People of the Book, i.e., Jews or Christians, they should have the third option of paying the jizya poll tax. The entire series of lectures was posted on October 13, 2015 on a YouTube account, dedicated to the thinking of Ayatollah Sistani. (MEMRI TV)

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  1. It’s impossible for clowns like this cretin (who are leading lights in the strange, bizarre world of islam) , to ever have any insight into how massively deluded they are. They are bound to do nothing else than promote strife.

  2. Here below is a repost of a ramble I found in a chatroom, it was called……..


    ……..”Then he showed these men of will, what will really was”…….

    I want you to watch the video below.

    It’s a clip from the movie The Usual Suspects. Here one of the suspects, Roger “Verbal” Kint, played so very well by Kevin Spacey, is asked by a detective about the legend and phantom Keyser Soze. Verbal gives a brief description of what he knows of Keyser Soze and the events that forged the legend.

    I suppose I should say something witty and philosophical about art imitating life but I will simply say that within this clip can be found reasons why and answers to questions how. Reasons why we are losing the battle against the Muslim. Questions how we can turn the tide and win the war against the Muslim.

    In short, we have lost our taste for blood.

    We, as Western civilized societies, have become fat, lazy, arrogant, self absorbed, ungrateful, ignorant and cowardly. We have become these things, all of these things, to the point of allowing Muslim filth to walk amongst us, to turn our towns and cities into Islamic sewers, and with impunity, raping our women and children, defiling our places of worship, murdering us, harassing us, running amok in criminal gangs, and in every way, in every form and at every opportunity, smearing the filth and excrement of Islam on everything we hold dear.

    The Muslims do this because they know us for who and what we are.

    The Muslims do this because they know we, collectively, have long forgotten Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law.

    This intolerable state of affairs, this agonizing humiliation, this grinding degradation, will only change when we find the courage, when we find the “will” to fight back.

    When we come to terms and accept the fact that we are on our own, that we have been completely abandoned by those persons and legislative and judicial mechanisms appointed, sworn or elected to provide us with protection and stewardship, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When we organize and identify those in our communities, our courts, our legislatures, our parliaments, our schools, our businesses, our police stations, our military bases, our halls of governance who are sworn through their oath to either Muhammad or Marx, to destroy our nations and put us in chains or to the knife, and with an unmistakable sense of permanence and finality remove them from either our midst or from this earth, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When the bearded murdering blowhards, the mullahs and Imams who speak a sliver of Islam are assassinated in the streets and their Islamic beachheads (mosques) set ablaze, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When a shop is found with a single page, a single quotation from the lexicon of scatological lunacy, also know as the Koran, that shop is rendered smoke and ash with its owners in chains on a boat bound for Gaza, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When one of our women or children is touched by a filthy Muslim and this results in his assassination and then the stripping of citizenship and deportation of his entire family, penniless, from our countries, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When to sport a zibiba, a dishdasha, a Salifist beard or wear a weaponized /politized article of clothing like the hijab or niqab is a deportation/death sentence, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When the vomitous vulgarity known as the “Call To Prayer” results in fire, smoke and ashes of the Islamic commode from whence it came, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When a shop is found to sell any item marked as Halal results in corporate fines in the millions and the imprisonment or assassination of the management/owners, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When our judges, our bureaucrats, our police officers, our teachers, our politicians or any of our citizens are found to support, in any way shape or form, the filthy Muslim, and for this crime of treason are tried and executed for that same treason, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When we, individually or otherwise, hold the chin of a verminous Muslim like Anjem Choudary or Abu Qatada in our hands, look it in the eyes and softly say…….”you have hurt too many of my people, you have overstayed your welcome, the time has come for you to leave” and then, without malice or melodrama, put a gun to its’ head and put a bullet in its brain, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    When we turn Middle Eastern countries into gardens of depleted uranium that shatter DNA strings and bring forth generations of grotesque Arab and African deformity, then and only then will we begin to turn the tide.

    In other words when we, for as long as necessary, set aside our humanity, when we find our manhood, when we find our courage, when we find our will, when we roll up our sleeves, saddle up and ride out to meet the Muslim, when our course of action is such that it makes Lucifer wince and God himself turn away, when we have finally returned the last filthy Muslim, dead or alive, back to those cess pools of savage barbarity known collectively as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, then and only then will we have turned the tide, then and only then will we have peace.

    Until we find our will, until we find our courage we will continue to be raped, to be murdered, to be enslaved, to be degraded and to be humiliated by the vermin from Mecca. And we will deserve every single second of it.

    These things that we are loathe to do must be done. These things must be done to preserve the gifts given us by our forefathers. These things must be done to preserve our creation for the enjoyment and betterment of generations of our children as yet unborn. We are fast approaching the point of no return. Soon it will be too late. Let us not look to God. Let us not look to God for a miracle that will save us from what we have created, instead let us thank him for the gift of Free Will, instead let us beg His forgiveness for our ingratitude and cowardice. Then let us, shoulder to shoulder, turn, clench our fists, grit our teeth, look straight into the storm, and do what must be done.

    Or not.

    Wallace Carlson
    “Somewhere down the Delaware, looking for Churchill and finding only Chamberlain”
    Fortress North America


    While you watch the video clip read the words of one of my very favourite poems by one of my very favourite poets, the Victorian Poet Laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson. Here is a quote from his moving “Morte D’Arthur.

    Briefly, Sir Bedivere, the last of the Round Table knights, kneels beside his stricken King Arthur. Bedivere has returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake, and awash in grief, he begs his dying King for answers and his King answers……..

    ……….”Then loudly cried the bold Sir Bedivere: “Ah! my Lord Arthur, whither shall I go? Where shall I hide my forehead and my eyes? For now I see the true old times are dead, when every morning brought a noble chance, and every chance brought out a noble knight. Such times have been not since the light that led the Holy Elders with the gift of myrrh. But now the whole ROUND TABLE is dissolved which was an image of the mighty world; and I, the last, go forth companionless, and the days darken round me, and the years, among new men, strange faces, other minds.

    And slowly answer’d Arthur from the barge: “The old order changeth, yielding place to new, and God fulfils Himself in many ways, lest one good custom should corrupt the world. Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me? I have lived my life, and that which I have done may He within Himself make pure! but thou, if thou shouldst never see my face again, pray for my soul. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. Wherefore, let thy voice rise like a fountain for me night and day. For what are men better than sheep or goats that nourish a blind life within the brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer both for themselves and those who call them friend? For so the whole round earth is every way bound by gold chains about the feet of God.

    But now farewell. I am going a long way with these thou seëst—if indeed I go— for all my mind is clouded with a doubt- to the island-valley of Avalon; Where falls not hail, or rain, or any snow, nor ever wind blows loudly; but it lies deep-meadow’d, happy, fair with orchard-lawns and bowery hollows crown’d with summer sea, where I will heal me of my grievous wound.”

    -excerpt, Morte D’Arthur
    -Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate

    1. One of my favorite movies. “Keyser Soze”, the monster each and everyone of us must find within ourselves to defeat moslam and the depraved leftism that has perpetrated it upon us.

      Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero.
      Sometimes, what the world needs is a monster.
      Dracula Untold

  3. And, now it’s spread by the bullet, the bomb, the lawsuit and the incessant whine of moslems and their remoras.

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