Egypt: Koranimals Keep Terrorising The Christians

70-year-old Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through the streets by a 300-strong mob
A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded…
The Australian Coptic Movement Association
We condemn this vulgar attack and demand action from the Central Egyptian government. The local security forces and governor of Al Minya Province must be held accountable for their ongoing lack of action when dealing with such matters. Why did it take so long for security forces to stop the threats and violence?

The Coptic woman is in no way inferior to the woman from Tahrir Square. It’s her right to get an apology from the President on behalf of the Egyptian people for what this bunch of criminals did to her.”

Muslims would call this blasphemy. According to allah the dhimmi, the subjugated people,   must be humiliated, degraded and eliminated.

Hundreds of Egyptian Muslims attack Christian woman and homes after rumours about her son
Hundreds of Muslims have set fire to homes of Christians in southern Egypt and…

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  1. Anecdotally, I had a Coptic “friend” for years. I attended services at his church, even stayed in Egypt with his family, once – BUT he might as well have been a muslim, he lied so much all the time about everything. Bottom line: I don’t trust any of them, either.

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