The invasion of Europe continues

Andrew Bolt

You’d think from the coverage – and the relative lack of it – that Europe has virtually stopped the flood of illegal immigrants from the Third World.

Not quite:

So far this year, 194,611 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea, including 156,157 by the Aegean route, according to a report Friday by the International Organization for Migration. Some 376 have died along that route, while 1,093 have died in the central Mediterranean, where two boats sank this week off the coast of Libya.

It says their “nationalities are not known”, but it is clear to see that they are black African (Musel-)men of fighting age….

This kind of mass migration will remain a challenge for years.

A “challenge?” Not. Europe is turning into EUrabia. That’s not a “challenge”, that’s the end of European culture and civilisation. And even more so, it is genocide on the indigenous peoples of Europe.

Not to worry. Here in Australia we have far more serious problems:


At least five migrants died in the Mediterranean, while 550 others were rescued as the boat they were on capsized.

A ship on the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Libya has cost at least five migrants their lives, according to the news agency AP.

More than 550 others were rescued, and rescue teams are still in the process of searching the area after the incident with a heavily overloaded boat that capsized.

A patrol ship from the Italian Navy became aware “of an unstable boat near the Libyan coast with countless migrants on board,” said the Italian fleet in a statement.

The patrol ship approached the migrants’ boat, and began distributing life jackets.

However, the refugees’ vessel capsized shortly after – probably due to the sudden movement when they all ran to one side of the boat to get a life jacket.

The patrol boat threw life rafts on the water, while another ship nearby sent a helicopter and rescue boats to the rescue.

Nearly 40,000 migrants rescued so far this year

With the latest incident, the number of persons rescued and brought to Italy, has reached nearly 40,000 this year, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

On Monday and Tuesday alone, about 5,600 people were rescued in the Mediterranean.

The vast majority of the many migrants who currently come to Italy, are from Africa south of the Sahara.

It would be safe to say that the migration to Europe continues in full force.

The nationalities of the deceased are not clear.

“Not clear” means they are black African Muslims on the way to  destroy the welfare states of Europe.

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    In other words, a comment is made with a relevant video attached, the comment goes into awaiting approval/moderation and then it appears without the video or the video link.

    New commenting policy?

    Roz Waterston
    Dallas Texas

    1. Nothing to do with commenting policy. If you wanna be sure that videos attached appear, you should sent the whole link preferably with a reminder to my e-mail so I can make sure it appears. The spam filter on this blog remains on ‘high’, because if I lower it, we are being bombarded with trash.

  2. The only people not likely to be stabbed are identifiably Muslim. That is one possible reason Muslims wear Islamic garb. Its a kind of IFF (Identification Friend or Foe). In many cases Jihadus have separated Muslims from non-Muslims, then killed the Infidels. In the recent stabbings in England, and even in the highly enriched area of Leytonstone, the victims were Infidels.

    It seems to me that Muslims in the UK know that the war is ON. That is why they are wearing identifiable Muslim garb, so they are not killed by Jihadis.

    I’m now beginning to see the Islamic garb worn in the West, not as a symbol of devoutness, but as a uniform. This is dar al Harb now. Why should we be surprised that Muslims are killing us when they can, and are wearing uniforms so they do not become victims of “friendly fire”, from another Muslim.

    1. Yes, the war is on. You are quite right about uniforms. But they now have a caliph and an Islamic state, which was necessary to legitimise the jihad.

    2. So the logical thing to do would be to attack the readily identified 5th column subversive element dressed in Middle Eastern (and Middle Ages) attire.

      But that is , unfortunately, against our better natures and currently against the law.

  3. How many mohammedians are coming in by plane as well?

    It’s an invasion, colonisation.


    There are some men, and women, wrapped in the cloth of the godly, whose actions are the manifestation of treason and betrayal.

    There are some men, and women, who believe that putting these godly traitors to the knife would be a good thing.

    On another note. here is a link to men and women in Texas.

    The strategy of pigs blood comes from the actions of an American warrior, a general.

    There is an excellent video in the link above, its put together by a Leftist media group so there is an attempt to warp the story.

    I am warning each and every one of you that you must arm yourselves. However you do this is up to you. But, do it soon, get a gun and large stock of ammunition. Do this because you have been abandoned by those sworn, elected or appointed to protect you and your families. Get comfortable with the fact that you must protect yourselves and your loved ones and that may include the killing of Muslims, Marxists and treasonous judges, police officers, politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats. Train for this. Accept this. Embrace this.

    Look down through the pages of history, notice the similarities between events unfolding across the civilized world today and those of decades and centuries ago, events that heralded the emergence of tyrants and festivals of mass murder.





    Wallace Carlson
    “Somewhere down the Delaware, looking for Churchill, finding only Chamberlain”
    Fortress North America

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