FGM Surges, STD Surges, Migrant Crime Surges…..

Female Genital Mutilation Cases Increase Due to Migrants

Female Genital Mutilation Spikes Due to Migrants…
WTF? Economist Mag Column OKs FGM — So Long as It’s Done by Medical Professionals…

One thought on “FGM Surges, STD Surges, Migrant Crime Surges…..”

  1. What? Why shouldn’t little girls be permanently and brutally deprived without their consent of ever experiencing sexual pleasure in their entire lifetimes, you racists?! Don’t you know that their parents own them and can mutilate them at will?! It’s their holy duty to their god and protected cultural religious right! Because this way those girls will never feel inclined to stray from the enforced marriages to rapists their parents were given lots of money to arrange, either! And besides, if rich old muslim men can’t buy and at least four rape children each, then they won’t be able to increase the number of potential male warrior children in their tribes, all the better to conquer you stupid immorally relativist infidel whores with!


    – Any Given Western Liberal –

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