It is very difficult to get your hands on a weapon in Germany

Islamist extremists Devout Muslims hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque

A HUGE stash of weapons reportedly belonging to Islamist soldiers of allah extremists have been found hidden near a mosque in Germany.

The stockpile of weapons was found near a mosque

The stockpile of weapons was found near a mosque

The weapons arsenal was discovered during a top secret raid by a SWAT team in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Local politician Ismail Tipi revealed details of the raid and warned of “the danger of fundamentalists”.

Me thinks Ismail Tipi could well be one of them. What say you?

The Bolt Report: Why these attacks on Christianity from people silent on Islam as terrorists attack Istanbul?

Jihadists kill their own relatives in Iraq but shove “Islamophobia” down our throats

Westerners who have bought into the victimology subterfuge of the “Islamophobia” narrative seem to have a mental block about how far-reaching jihadist violence is and the magnitude of the devastation experienced by its real victims. Jihadist victimization includes terrorism against the West, threats to the State of Israel, persecution of Christians, severe abuse of women and girls (Muslim and non-Muslim), and Muslim-on-Muslim violence, the latter of which includes relatives warring against relatives in Iraq.

The article below points out: “When Iraqi Sunnis talk about fighting the Islamic State, it is not a discussion of some shadowy and unknowable force. It is about sons and brothers, nephews and neighbors.”

This dark force of Islamic jihad is expansive, and knows no boundaries….


“A War of Brothers in Iraq: ‘I Will Kill Him With My Own Hands,’” by Tim Arango and Filih Hassan, The New York Times, June 18, 2016:

FALLUJA, Iraq — In the days leading up to the storming of Falluja by Iraqi forces, Brig. Gen. Hadi Razaij, the leading Sunni police commander in the campaign, sat on a cot in an abandoned house near the front line. He described the resistance that lay ahead: a determined force of hundreds of jihadists that had months to prepare.

General Razaij’s presence on the battlefield shows that local Sunnis, and not just the Shiite forces that now dominate Iraqi politics, are fighting to liberate their own communities, and has helped tamp down fears that the battle for Falluja would heighten sectarian tensions.

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  1. Once these traitor “governments” are deposed, their complicit members should all be rounded up and tried for sedition and treason – after all, even “only attempted” crimes, are still crimes!

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