Now tell me how this savage can be taken “out of context”

The lame stream media baboons, the learned anal-ysts take this guys obfuscations and denial at face value. Does anyone ever bother to do his homework and fact check anything himself?
Watch these two videos and tell me what of it can possibly be misconstrued? Everything he says is exactly what Islamic law demands:

A discussion delivered at the University of Michigan in Dearborn by Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar focusing on the sin of homosexuality from an Islamic perspective. Presented by the students for Academic Awareness.

Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque – WFTV 9 Orlando Report

More from Vlad Tepes:

The Culturally Marxist left wasted no time in gathering lots of people who either are gay, or willing to pose as gay, to try and make sure the anti-civilizational policies of Clinton et al. do not suffer because of the results of said policies and that Trump gains no ground.

There are many similar videos from all over the country where an attempt to deflect blame and cause away from Islam, and towards guns and right wing people is in full swing. Its quite something to see. In the 70s we had to take LSD to get this far from reality.


 CAIR: Its Captain Taqyyia and the Deceivers!

CAIR represents the MuBros and Hamas in the U.S.:

More stunning lies from CAIR.

Islam is about religious tolerance for minorities? Only when Muslims are the minority. Otherwise its … not pleasant.

5 thoughts on “Now tell me how this savage can be taken “out of context””

  1. So now everyone is bleating about the “hate preacher” who believes that killing gays is an act of compassion*. Who let him in? How dare he get a visa? Deport now!

    Really? Where were you when Geert Wilders was being pilloried and denied a visa? Where were you when venue after venue cancelled bookings because they were scared of the threats against him.

    Bloody hypocrites.

    Geert says the quran is hate speech? Ban him!
    This fellow’s been openly preaching “Kill the gays”? No problem, no protest, no accusations of racism.

    It’s only now that some jihadi scumbag has acted on what’s a well-documented part of sharia law and murdered 50 people that we’re seeing a response to this vile practice.
    I guess white, democratically elected politicians don’t count as much in the scheme of things.


    *am I the only person who sees a sad and dangerous parallel with the preacher framing “kill the gays” as compassion and the recent report from Europe of a gay man wanting to take advantage of the unlimited access to euthanasia laws because he is troubled by his sexuality? One of the weapons in the arsenal of the self-extinction on demand groups is the compassion card.
    Don’t ever think that jihadis of any stripe are stupid. Just because they see the world through a different frame does not mean that they are not intelligent. It just means they see things differently.
    And yes, I’m still pissed off.

  2. And one of pisslams accepted practices of dressing up little boys as little girls, then having sex with them is condoned by many primitive pisslamic cultures. But apparently this is not considered homosexuality in their backwards, perverted cultures. Winston Churchill was right about this stone age primitive cult. It should not be allowed in Western culture.

    1. Generally, a man who is married with children cannot be accused of being homosexual, even if he flaunts his homosexuality openly. That is my own experience, having lived and traveled in quite a few Muslim countries.

  3. WHY DO WE NEED TO TALK!!!!??? These folks have done enough damage and they are NOT stupid. However we are if we “need to talk about mohammed”!!! We NEED to reply with like!! Grow up bloody left wing twit.

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