Ramadan begins with a blast in Istanbul

Malcolm Turnbull urges Muslims to invite in neighbours for a Ramadan meal.

For Passover, Turnbull sent this message.

Muslim gang attacks white schoolboy in Melton, Melbourne

More brutal evidence that our refugee and immigration programs have left us unsafe.

Doesn’t the clip at the link show a racist attack? Why doesn’t the media say so? If the colors of the participants were reversed we would sure hear the word “racist” then.

Muselman goes into violent rampage smashing taxis with a cricket bat
The windows of six taxis were smashed after a Muselmaniac allegedly went on a violent rampage, brandishing a cricket bat in the middle of Melbourne on Monday. –DAILYMAIL.CO.UK
Pauline Hanson defends her suggestion for a Royal Commission into ‘Islam’
Senate Candidate and leader of the One Nation Party Pauline Hanson defended her calls for a Royal Commission into Islam, telling The TODAY Show the requirement is…9NEWS.COM.AU
You bet they’re ready. They been ready for 1400 years. Unfortunately, the infidels are dumb, deaf and blind, (that’s in the Koran) and terribly ignorant of the threat that’s facing them.
Around half a million Muslims preparing for holy month in country of 200 mosques – World Bulletin
Meanwhile, in Turkey:
Hagia Sophia: Protests over Ramadan prayers held at Turkey’s historic cathedral

Even Tarek Fatah seems to be appalled:

Disgraceful conduct of Turkey’s Muslims. Hold Ramzan prayers in Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul. Taking over churches and converting them into mosques is unethical, immoral and unjust, yet we Muslims relish conquering Orthodox Christianity’s holiest church just like we built Babri Mosque in Ayodhya.

An angry war of words has erupted between Greece and Turkey after Turkish authorities permitted a daily Koran reading to be broadcast from Turkey’s…
In other news:
The attack targeted a bus carrying elite police officers in the centre of Istanbul [Reuters]

At least 11 people killed and several wounded in bomb attack on police bus in the central district of Beyazit.

Eleven people, seven of whom were police officers, were killed while 36 others were wounded in an attack targeting a police vehicle in Istanbul’s Vezneciler neighborhood at around 8:35 a.m. on June 7. A bomb-laden car was detonated as the police bus was passing near a police station, according to Istanbul Gov. Vasip Şahin.

Ambulances and bomb disposal teams were sent to the scene, while security measures were increased in the area.

Gunshots were heard after the explosion, according to Anadolu Agency.

UPDATE – 11 killed in attack on police vehicle in Istanbul

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  1. Oh come on, Sheik! You wouldn’t really want Turnbull to try to encourage (sucker) the Jews into opening up their homes to the muslims, for passover, now, would you?!


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