Any “Backlash” BS Yet?

You bet. If in doubt, ask the imam:

Nice attack: ‘This has nothing to do with Islam,’ says imam after Bastille Day terror atrocity

Okay then, if it wasn’t Islam lets look for Mohamed.

Here he is:


Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Islam had nothing to do with the truck attack in Nice which claimed the lives of at least 84 people, a local imam has said. … More nothing to do with islam at Evening Standard (thanks to Mullah, pbuh)

Cable Talker: It’ll ‘Boost’ Far Right, ‘It’s Going To Boost Brexit’

Sky News guest blames ‪#‎Brexit‬ for ‪#‎NiceAttack‬. The left is completely shameless.

Windsor Islamic Council condemns Paris attacks and claims Islam’s teachings are “noble”

They really believe all kafirs are ignorant and no one bothers to read Qu’ran and sunnah.

The Islamic council had harsh words for anyone attacking countries in the name of Islam, saying they “are criminals who follow a sickening perverted ideology that is the farthest from the noble teaching of Islam.”

More on the ‘sickening perverted ideology’ cooked up by allah and the false prophet at CBC News (Mullah)

Ah, here’s another “backlash” monger:


Here we go:

Nice Terror: ‘So Many Muslim Victims’; Mother a ‘Martyr’

‘So Many Muslim Victims’

Muslims are the only victims, don’tcha know. They are masters of victimhood and grievance mongering.

CAIR savages whine about “fear of Islam”  and “condemn all forms of terrorism”, (there is probably also some BS about “root causes” and “double standards”. You know the routine. Why do they even bother?)

Mustards call for vehicle jihad DownUnder:

Islamic State says ‘fill your cars with gas’ as terror call targets Australia

… The most recent call only weeks ago, during Ramadan, came in a sophisticated video production which ordered followers to “fill your cars with gas” and specifically mentioned Australia.
The image purportedly shows a driver preparing to run over crowds in Australia. …More on the “ultimate mowing machine” at






Some sense among the nonsense:

Nice Terror Could Have Been Stopped by Armed Civilians: ‘Aux Armes, Citoyens’

Brazil: Domestic Jihadi Plot Against Olympics ‘Surprises’ Officials

Brazil: Domestic Jihadi Plot Against Olympics ‘Surprises’ Officials

Why would you be surprised? Got Muslims, got terrorism. They are “commanded to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers”.

Bastille Day Terrorist Deploys Car-Ramming Tactic Popularized by Palestinians

Palestinian Car-Ramming Tactic

Mohamed’s Bastille Day Blood Bath

Families Wiped Out with Giant Truck as They Celebrated
-84+ dead
-10+ Children Slaughtered
-188 hospitalized
-50+ critical


6 thoughts on “Any “Backlash” BS Yet?”

  1. France has the West’s largest Muslim population, so it can expect more and more of this. Germany will catch up soon, due Merkel’s insanity.

    But as I’ve maintained since LGF days, France is where the reaction will come.

    There is no real option but we separate from Muslims. Exchange Christians in Islamic countries for Muslims over here., and stop this nonsensical belief that all cultures are the same. Else we are looking forward to a civil war that will make Bosnia like a garden party. And in the end, as in every civil war, winner will take all. It will not be pretty.

  2. By reaction, DP111 due you mean the instigation of war in Europe?

    “stop this nonsensical belief that all cultures are the same.”


    The problem the left haves argument, that if all cultures are viewed in the same way? Than why has there been a one way mass exodus from backwards shitholes towards modern societies in the West?

    1. Hill

      Hi there. Are you Devon Hill of long time ago?

      Yes. France is a fanatically anti-religious country. It has tolerated Islam, but that tolerance will end soon. France and Germany, unlike Anglo-Saxon nations, are guided by logic and logic alone., they put great sytore in logic. In Anglo-Saxon nations, it is tempered by commonsense, self-deprecation and humour.

      One resaon possibly why the greatest of the great scientists were in the UK and not in Europe.

      As an example, France had the reign of Terror of the Ftrench revolution, and the first state organised genocide. Germany is another example, of a nation following logic to the bitter end, even to its destruction.

      1. The Europeans (French and Germans you mention) don’t follow “logic” at all! They follow emotion, and the primary prioritizing human emotion is FEAR. They never get past that to true hope, because that involves EFFORT.

        In stead, they remain Submissive masochists, at most pretending idealized, abstract “Faith!” (hope without effort) is a plan in itself.

  3. Hill

    The French are getting fed up.

    Translated from the French, an editorial of Alexis Brézet, Editor of Le Figaro:

    Merah, Charlie, Bataclan, Magnanville, and now Nice…How many more times until we recognize what is staring us in the face? How many more savage attacks, how many more maddened massacres, before our leaders become willing to admit that Islamic fanaticism is waging a war to the death against our country and our civilization? How many innocent victims – men, women, children – before our rulers finally decide to take the ruthless measures necessary that the barbarism of Allah’s madmen demands?

    Merah, Charlie, Bataclan, Magnanville, and now Nice….More than two hundred names etched into the memory of our country, and still we have the same granitic chins, the same solemn declarations, the same tremolos in the voices. And then what? A few more soldiers in the streets, a few touch-ups to the laws, a few bombings in far-away lands, and then…nothing.

    “We are at war.”
    The Trump is right.

    Newt Gingrich suggests we deport all sharia supporters from America.

    The clock is ticking to midnight. I sincerely hope we can stop this war without creating a rupture in the fabric of humanity. We ie, America has the power if it wants to use it.

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