NineMSN Removes Anti-Halal Comments From FB Site; Calls Halal Critics “Haters”

Halal Racket

The usual rubbish from the clueless pop tarts at 9MSM: as if we had an obligation to cater to Mohammedans exclusively!

Islam does not forbid the consumption of non halal food; the food of Christians and Jews is halal as long as the Muslim utters a “bismillah” over it.

Here is the Halal ‘expo’ that aired on A Current Affair earlier tonight.
Long time friend of Q society and founder of the Halal Choices website Kirralie Smith NSW Senate Candidate ALA was interviewed.

The gutless wonders at A Current Affair removed the preview and 600+ comments critical of halal certification from the Facebook page. They also diss the “halal haters”, go figure. And now they claim companies who pay for the halal racket are being “bullied”.

This interview also includes moronic comments from our ridiculously overpaid public officer and so-called “race discrimination commissioner” Mister Tim Soutphommasane.

Especially galling that this overpaid tosspot calls any critic of this hideous racket “hate speech”. In fact, little Tim sounds like a spokesturd for the mosque.

Our race commissioner does not know that Islam is not a race.
Our treacherous political elites embrace the Islamisation of our free Western democratic societies.
The Q Society petition to clean up the halal certification rackets was delivered to parliament earlier this year.
Almost 3,000 friends and supporters put pen to paper and signed their names under this petition.
The petition asks parliament to adopt three fair and simple policies:
1. Products and services from halal-certified supplier are clearly labelled as ‘halal certified’ to ensure consumers can make a conscious decision.
2. Any extra cost and fees associated with Islamic halal certification are born by Islamic community organisations according to the ‘user pays’ principle.
3. No discrimination on gender or religious grounds is practiced in Australian workplaces, unless the employer is a recognised religious organisation.

The growing number of Australian families buying Halal food, fit for consumption under Islamic guidelines. Why the supermarket giants, fast food outlet and some of Australia’s most iconic food brands are selling Halal products. Watch the video here

6 thoughts on “NineMSN Removes Anti-Halal Comments From FB Site; Calls Halal Critics “Haters””

  1. That’s the point: we don’t want any bismillah on our food… and if you really insist we could go for Kosher instead. We reject the aggression on freedom of religion by a minority intended to make of it a disposable use. Keep your God and your culinary confessionalism for yourself.

  2. …. and while we’re on this subject can we start a campaign to get reporters to stop referring to ‘ramadan’ (as non-newsworthy as it is anyway) as ‘the holy month of ramadan’.

    It’s certainly not ‘holy’ to anyone besides some mohammedans. And to those it is ‘holy’ to it represents a month of low-energy , low blood sugar days when their non-muslim work colleagues (i.e. normal people) have to take up the slack during work hours. And at night becomes a pig-out, bloating themselves with food to face the next day.

    Why don’t reporters refer to Christmas as the ‘holy festive season’? Or ‘holy period of hannukah’?

    It’s classic thin-end-of-the-wedge brainwashing. No doubt discussed behind closed doors by media policy makers and politicians to get society more muslim-friendly – so that various jihadist groups don’t go off their tits and cause chaos.

  3. Typical Nine, playing both sides of the fence for cheap and gutter worthy news segments. The main point should be “It is up to the individual” to decides if they want to buy and use Halal products and not have them stuffed down their throats by suppliers only looking after themselves and their overseas markets. The piddling number of Muslims in Australia does not equate to the number of suppliers lining up and bending over to pay the Halal certifier’s thousands of dollars to certify their products. Nobody knows where all the money goes from this phony certification scam, but its either some very rich Muslims are living in luxury or some money laundering for everybody’s favourite terrorist organisations is going on.
    This is a con and a scam that is so blatant and in front of everybody’s face that some people just cannot or will not see it for what it is.

  4. I don’t know why anyone bothers watching that hack program. It’s up there with Oprah or that other winner Jerry Springer.

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