Islamic Terror and the Relentless Mohammedan Victimhood Theatre

Thousands of worshippers attend Lakemba Mosque to mark the end of Ramadan

Tasbita and Jameela Swandari at Eid celebrations at Lakemba Mosque. Picture: Renee Nowytarger

Cindy Ngo, Canterbury-Bankstown Express
July 6, 2016

NSW Premier Mike Baird, Opposition Leader Luke Foley, Watson MP Tony Burke and Lakemba MP Jihad Dib attended the service and prayers, which began from 7.30am this morning. …

“We are witnessing the growth in far-right hate groups and political parties as proven by last week’s election.”

More playing into the hands of  the false prophet at Daily Telegraph thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Andrew Bolt has been forced to move his children to another home after receiving “a string of death threats” from an alleged supporter of Islamic State.
Bolt reveals death threats
Andrew Bolt has been forced to move his children to another home after receiving “a string of death threats” from an alleged supporter of Islamic State.

This is behind a paywall from The Australian:

In an interview on his Sky News program with One Nation spokeswoman Pauline Hanson, the conservative commentator revealed the lives of his family had been threatened, forcing him to move his children to keep them safe. Revelations of a threat come less than 24 hours after Mr Bolt wrote about Australia’s Grand Mufti, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad in his regular newspaper column.

“The Grand Mufti of Australia has just proved that Pauline Hanson is right to feel threatened by Islam in this country,” he wrote in Melbourne’s Herald Sun. He criticised the Mufti for warning in an open letter that criticism of anti-gay comments by Sheik Shady Alsuleiman risks inciting Islamic extremism.

“Again and again, whether the Mufti means this or not, the clear inference is that if we criticise Islam or his clerics we risk death,” he wrote.

“What free society can tolerate such an implied threat or danger? How can the Mufti not see that the true responsibility for Islamist terrorism lies not with the victims but with the perpetrators — and with the faith which seems to licence them to mass murder?”

Mr Bolt revealed the threat while speaking to divisive senator-elect Ms Hanson, who has also borne the brunt of criticism for her comments about Islam. Earlier this week, Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane warned Ms Hanson’s inflammatory rhetoric could lead to xenophobia and violence.

Mr Bolt told The Australian Mr Soutphommasane is looking at the wrong people.

“Let us just say that the race discrimination commissioner and all like him should get on the case of the real hate preachers who cause Australians to fear for their safety,” he said. “And they sure don’t include Pauline Hanson.”

He confirmed he had recently received “a string of death threats”.

Ms Hanson defended her views on Mr Bolt’s program, saying Sheik Alsuleiman is far more extreme than her. “I see a hypocrite who’s prepared to go at me. I’ve never incited hatred to the extent what this Imam has said,” she said. “Not any of these people. I cannot understand why the discrimination commissioner has not jumped on this or anyone else. Why do they always want to attack me?”

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  1. Jihad watch – YouTube bans video on Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia and Civilization Jihad as “hate speech”

    If a Leftist analyst who subscribes to the fantasy that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “firewall against extremism” is doing the judging, he may think that the information below is “hate speech,” while if someone who is aware of the true nature and magnitude of the jihad threat is the judge, he would more likely consider Hamas-linked CAIR’s “Islamophobia” reports to be genuine “hate speech.”

    The concept of “hate speech” is, in reality, a tool of the powerful to silence and demonize their critics. It has no place in a free society. This action by YouTube is ominous in the extreme, and is almost certainly the harbinger of much worse to come.

    CENSORED: YouTube Uses Anti-ISIS Policy to Pull CounterJihad Video. Watch it here.

    A “hate speech” policy developed to counter the Islamic State’s murderous propaganda is now being used to silence critics of radical Islamic terror.

  2. These “males” attended Lakemba mosque … WHAT !?!?!
    and just to be VERY CLEAR on who they are …

    ▪ islam Appeaser and Australian Traitor AKA a Criminal
    NSW Premier Mike Baird
    Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party
    has campaigned against dangerous drinking,
    • voted against embryonic stem research and euthanasia,
    • does not support same-sex marriage or same-sex adoption
    • has stated that his strongest preference is not to support
    • abortion in most circumstances
    • is strongly in favour of Australia becoming a republic.

    … so could/would explain his “islam brown” tongue/nose

    ▪ islam Appeaser and Australian Traitor AKA a Criminal
    NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley
    Leader of the Labor Party in New South Wales
    Foley stated his mother instilled in him a triple faith of “the Labor Party, the Catholic Church and the Eastern Suburbs Rugby League Club”.
    … this is a joke – right ?

    ▪ islam Appeaser and Australian Traitor AKA a Criminal
    Watson MP Tony Burke
    Australian LABOR Party
    The division is located in the southern suburbs of Sydney, and includes Lakemba.
    … what a burke

    ▪ islam invader and Australian Traitor AKA a Criminal
    Lakemba NSW MP Jihad Dib
    Australian LABOR Party
    He is the first Muslim MP to represent the Lakemba seat—which has the highest proportion of Muslims in NSW—and the first Muslim MP in the NSW lower house.
    (a submitter to ‘allah‘ … ie. NOT the one true God)

    and add as well …
    ▪ islam Appeaser and Australian Traitor AKA a Criminal
    ▪ PM Malcolm Turnbull
    ▪ Australian Liberal Party
    PM Turnbull hosted an islam “iftar dinner” in Kirribilli House … an Australian Government building !!!
    Turnbull purchased a stake of internet service provider Ozemail in 1994 for $500,000 and sold his stake just months before the dot com bubble burst in 1999 for $57 million to then telecommunications giant MCI Worldcom
    … Wow … imagine that !!!
    and I don’t mean the Wow! signal!_signal

    Purge islam Globally !!!
    It is a MANDATORY !!!

  3. Those little girls have to have the hair on their heads tucked under those head wraps don’t they, to protect their modesty from muslim males (one can’t say men) who if they were to catch sight of a single strand would be overcome with lust generated by those girls’ sexual power of allurement (as the cat meat sheik termed it). When it comes down to it that is what the ‘modesty’ answer trotted out by muslim women to proudly exclaim why they wear that head gear and force it onto their tiny female children boils down to. And they never stop to ask why if, as they claim, their religion is superior to and must dominate all others, why it provides nothing to motivate or encourage the males to start developing a measure of self control whereby higher ideals might dominate baser animal instincts.

  4. These appeasers are islamo fascists. They are fascists so how about we start calling them for what they are.

  5. Meanwhile, two Buddhist nuns in their 80s were assaulted and robbed of their charity box whilrbthry were sleeping at Fairfield temple ywo days ago. No description of the two men sought by police was given by the media. Anyone have any information please?

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