Oh noes, its the “gentle giant” again. Remember the guy who blew up the loo?

Exeter terrorist attacker Nicky Reilly jailed for attack on nurses in psychiatric unit 

From the Exeter Express and Echo

A Muslim convert jailed for life after a terrorist attack in Exeter has attacked staff at Broadmoor in protest at a change to group prayers.

Nicky Reilly has seen his sentence extended after the assault

Nicky Reilly, from Plymouth, attempted to blow up the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre in 2008 but his homemade device detonated in the toilet. Information released after his guilty plea revealed that Reilly was obsessed with martyrdom and wanted to cause as much death and injury as possible. Reilly, who has Aspergers Syndrome, converted to Islam at a mosque in Plymouth at the age of 16.

The 30-year-old , who has changed his name to Mohammad Rashid Said-Alim in reference to the 9/11 suicide bombers, was the only person injured in the blast.

Reilly, along with fellow convert Elliott Swadling, 26, assaulted two male nurses at the psychiatric hospital. The pair burst into the staff room at the high-security unit shouting “Allahu akbar” before injuring the workers. One was scarred near the eye after being cut with a DVD shard.

Reilly was sentenced to 16 months in jail after admitting the assault while Swadling was given 14 months.

As in the UK, so in Australia: Muslims In Jail for Plotting Jihad Terrorise Other Prisoners Both Muslim and Infidel
But, as usual, our authorities are deep in denial and trying hard to blame anything other than Islam, Islam, Islam for the violence perpetrated by those who take Islam most to heart. Two reports, one from the Telegraph and another from the ABC, on a recent eruption of Muslim violence in one of our …Read More… (from the brilliant  Christina McIntosh)

Two reports, one from the Telegraph and another from the ABC, on a recent eruption of Muslim violence in one of our high-security prisons in NSW, Goulburn Jail.  The “Telegraph” first: Miles Godfrey reporting.


‘Islamic Terror Rocks Goulburn Jail.

Kudos to the editor of the Sydney ‘Telegraph’ for daring to use the “I” word. – CM

‘Prison officers fired live bullets and used tear gas to break up fresh violence involving radical Islamists (sic: ‘jihad-minded Muslims’ – CM) allegedly trying to force other inmates to adopt their extreme views (ie. trying to force other inmates either to convert to Islam – if Infidel – or, if slack or less-practising Muslims, to become more piously aggressive – CM).

‘The fighting at Goulburn Jail is the latest serious violence in NSW’s overcrowded prisons and an apparent escalation of a campaign by a small but growing band of hard-line Islamist prisoners to use fear and threats to convert fellow prisoners.

This needs to be stopped.  Now.  The Muslims using violence to force sharia compliance on the less-practising, or conversion upon Infidels, must be punished.  The non-Muslim prisoners must, for their own safety and that of wider infidel Aussie society, be separated from – and protected against – the aggression of the Muslims.  And those less-practising Muslims who evince an unwillingness to embrace that ‘old time religion’ or even show signs of wanting to leave Islam also require to be protected, and kept out of the way of the pious thugs. – CM

‘A radicalised teenage prisoner, said to be an ISIS supporter, was charged after allegedly pouring boiling water over another inmate and carving “e4e” (eye for an eye) into his head at Kempsey jail in April.

That teenage Muslim thug – like all other Muslim thugs who have broken infidel law and are now sitting in jug – must be prevented from having any further access to or contact with any non-Muslim fellow prisoner.  If that means building a separate jail or remodelling existing ones, so be it. And as we reflect on the cost incurred by having to thus separate one body of inmates from another, let us remember that if we didn’t have Mohammedans in Australia we would not be incurring that cost (or any number of other irritations and expenses) in the first place. – CM

‘The latest violence erupted in the exercise yard of Goulburn’s maximum security wing, forcing prison officers to fire warning shots after two inmates failed to stop fighting.

‘Tear-gas was then used, and a further fight erupted between two inmates as prisoners were being led back to their cells.  Prison sources said up to 25 prisoners were present during the violence.

‘Trevor Thomas (whose name indicates that he is a convert to Islam rather than a ‘cradle Muslim’ – CM), who is said to have fallen under the influence of Brothers 4 Life gang founder Bassam Hamzy while in Goulburn Supermax, was named as one of those involved.

‘Thomas, who was jailed for 20 years in 2007 for sexual assault and robbery (sexual assault and robbery, eh? – no wonder he converted to Islam… the ‘prophet’ of Islam, Mohammed, committed both highway robbery and serial sexual assault, thus sacralising both robbery and rape for Muslims, so long as these acts are committed upon the dirty Infidels – CM) is said to have been trying “for weeks” to convert prisoners at Goulburn Jail and was described as a “ringleader” of the violence which erupted on Tuesday.

Isolate him. – CM

‘Not religiously motivated’.

Really?  You expect me to believe that? – CM

‘Conrad Craig, another convert, who was charged with involvement in a riot at Goulburn Jail in 2014, was also said to be involved.

Thought experiment.  Suppose Mr Thomas and Mr Craig had, instead of converting to Islam, converted to pentecostal Christianity, or to Buddhism.  Could anyone seriously suppose that they would now be causing riots because of violently attempting to force their newly-adopted belief system upon others?  One of the marks of genuine jailhouse conversions to Christianity is a noticeable decrease in violent conduct on the part of the convertee.  Jailhouse conversions to Islam, by contrast, seem to be very frequently followed by an increase in violent behaviour.  So much so that one begins to think it might be a very good idea to prevent infidel prisoners – especially those who are in jail for crimes of violence – from having any contact at all with Islam and Muslims. – CM

Public Service Association prison boss Steve McMahon said, “This adds to the danger that prison officers are facing every day.  Fortunately Goulburn has very skilled officers, well versed in dealing with these things.”

‘Corrective Services acknowledged the violence but insisted that Tuesday’s violence was “not religiously motivated”.

Suuuuuure.  And yet two very zealous converts to Islam were at the epicentre. Funny, that. – CM

‘It is understood the fighting did not erupt as a direct result of an attempt to convert non-Muslim inmates, but rather as a result of the tension surrounding the issue.

This looks to me like a distinction without a difference.  The ‘tension’ – the fear and defensiveness of those prisoners who don’t wish to join the allah gang and don’t like being pressured to join – is a result of Muslim aggression, aggression engaged in so as to try to force others to Submit.  – CM

“The Commissioner praised centre staff who were able to defuse the situation quickly”, a Corrective Services spokesman said.  “NSW Police were immediately notified and investigations are continuing”.

‘The Sunday Telegraph revealed in May that violence was being used at a number of jails by extreme radicals (that is: by pious sharia-pushing Muslims – CM) to force non-Muslim inmates to convert to their views.

‘It was alleged a converted prisoner was stabbed after shaving off his beard for a parole hearing.

‘Opposition prisons spokesman Guy Zangari linked the latest violence to overcrowding in NSW’s jails.

Wrong.  The core problem is that Muslims in jail are housed with and have access to non-Muslim prisoners.  If one does not want any more Trevor Thomases or Conrad Craigs to join Islam and become even more violent and aggressive than they already were – and with religious sanction to boot – then Infidel prisoners must be kept far, far away from Islam, and Muslims. 

And now for the ABC ‘take’ on the story, as given by Raveen Hunjan.


‘Goulburn Prison Brawl Sparked By Attempts to Convert Inmates to Islam, Union Official Says’.

Amazing.  The ABC used the I-word in a headline! – CM

‘A gun shot and tear gas were used to control a brawl at Goulburn Jail this week, which was sparked by attempts to convert inmates to Islam, according to a union official.

‘New South Wales Corrective Services confirmed that a live gun shot was fired during attempts to break up the fight.

‘The violence had been triggered by an Islamic prisoner trying to convert others within the prison, Steve McMahon, a chairman with the Prison Officers Branch of the Public Service Association, said.

‘However, a statement from Corrective Services NSW denied the fight was religiously motivated.

Yeah, sure, nothingtodowithIslam, just like everyone keeps telling us about all the other violence that keeps on exploding wherever there are Muslims in contact with Infidels, or with deemed-less-Islamic or other-sect Muslims. – CM

‘The statement said the fight between two inmates started on Tuesday and when staff tried to break it up they were not immediately successful.

“When both inmates refused to cease fighting, a warning shot was fired to alert other staff of the incident, as per procedure in NSW prisons”, the statement said.

‘Prison officers also used gas in the incident, but a second altercation occurred shortly afterwards, the statement said.

“While inmates were being led back to their cells, a fight broke out between two other inmates”, according to the statement.  “Gas was again used to defuse the situation’.

‘The statement said there were eight inmates in the prison yard at the time of the first incident, and no-one was injured.

‘Mr McMahon said the fight was sparked after an inmate took issue with conversion attempts.

Presumably this inmate was not Muslim, and objected – very rightly – to being pressured to convert.  – CM

“These are not really peace-loving Islamic inmates”, Mr McMahon said.

“We’re talking about ones who have other ideas in mind, and they’re often some of the worst inmates that we’ve had to deal with for behavioural issues within the prisons.”

Mr McMahon needs to read the work of Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels, “Among Criminal Muslims”.  Indeed, this little book – prompted by the author’s personal experience and observations as a psychologist working with juvenile criminals both Muslim and non-Muslim, together with further study of the foundation texts of Islam – ought to be on the bookshelf of everyone currently engaged in any aspect of law enforcement (including prison management) in the western world.  Here, by the way, is a handy link to an article in which Mr Sennels is interviewed about his book and how and why he came to write it.


‘He said the initial fight between two prisoners escalated to involve three, and then multiple other inmates joined in.

My question: was the initial fight between a Muslim and a non-Muslim (and if so, who threw the first blow?); was the third party a Muslim assisting the Muslim or an Infidel stepping in to assist his fellow Infidel; and as for the ‘multiple other inmates’ who ‘joined in’… were they Muslims?  Non-Muslims?  There ought to be CCTV coverage of this incident, from multiple angles, if this is a max-security prison.  If so, I hope the prison authorities are going through it very, very carefully, frame by frame by frame.  Because it sounds to me as though a Muslim threatened or struck an Infidel, an Infidel defended himself, a third party (Muslim or Infidel) stepped in to aid his own, and then other Muslim prisoners morphed into the standard Mohammedan insta-mob.  Of course, it might have been that a group of Infidel prisoners stepped in to help their fellow Infidel against Muslim aggression; if that is the case, they are rather to be commended for showing Infidel solidarity, a commodity that on the whole seems to be rather sadly lacking nowadays.  Review the video footage, Mr McMahon, with great care; and all individuals who were physically involved should be interviewed individually, after you have done that, in order that their claims as to who hit who can be compared with what the camera’s impersonal eye recorded. – CM

‘Mr McMahon, who is also a senior prison officer at Goulburn Jail, said staff have been responding to a growing number of violent outbreaks within NSW jails in recent months.

“It’s certainly something that has been increasing over the past 18 months”, he said.  “In the six or seven months of this year, I think we’ve had as many shots fired [warning shots fired by prison officers, I assume he means – CM] as what we would’ve had in the previous five years.

“Our assault rates in New South Wales prisons are the highest they have been in the over 20 years that I’ve been working in the industry”.

20 years ago would take us back to 1996.  What proportion of prisoners in NSW max-security jails in 1996 were Muslim (including persons arrested and jailed for having plotted to carry out mass-murderous jihadist attacks, and persons jailed for violent crimes such as gang rape, murder and armed robbery – CM) as opposed to the proportion today, in 2016?  I suspect that it has increased markedly; and that that increase has come the increase in violence within the jails, even in those jails that have always been the place of confinement for the most violent of our criminals. – CM

‘Last month the State Government committed to spending 3.8 billion dollars on 3,000 new prison beds over the next four years in a bid to deal with overcrowding.

Question: how many of those beds will be occupied by Muslims who have flouted Infidel law? – CM

‘Mr McMahon said tension over religious conversions could lead to larger-scale violence.

Nota bene: nobody is rioting over Christianity or Buddhism in the jails. I have never heard that a fight started in a jail because a person of those faiths, or someone newly converted to one or the other, had been using threats and/ or outright violence to compel other prisoners to join. – CM

“With all of our jails being overcrowded, it’s much clearer that we have a problem growing in the jails around conversion into Islam”, he said.

Note: he does not say, and no-one has ever had to say, that “we have a problem growing in the jails around conversion into Christianity”, or ‘around conversion into Buddhism’ (and it is impossible to even contemplate ‘a problem growing in the jails around conversion into Judaism’).  And that, in and of itself, is very revealing. – CM

“What we’re sort of concerned about is not just day to day violence growing in the prisons on the back of this.

“We’re concerned that they want to start taking this hard-line and obscure (no, it is not ‘obscure’, it is straightout mainline classical Islam – read the damn Quran, Mr McMahon, and read the Sira, and you will start to get a much better handle on the behaviours you are seeing from Muslim prisoners – CM) view on how to be part of society (?? – no: ‘on how to be part of the Allah gang, the Ummah or Mohammedan Mob’ – CM) and make some statement by seriously injuring or killing a prison officer – that’s a major concern for us.”

And what, too, of the safety of non-Muslim prisoners, those who – whether of no faith, or else nominally or in some manner practising non-Muslim faith such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism – do not wish to become Muslim, and are being subjected to Muslim harassment, abuse, threats and violence, first of all to try to force them to adopt Islam and then, if they refuse, to punish them for having thus refused?  Further: where is the concerted campaign to inform these prisoners, now being subjected to Muslim dawa in its crudest and rawest form, of the reality of Islam: its sanctioning of sex with prepubescent girls on the basis of Mohammed’s marital rape of little nine-year-old Aisha (a turn-off, surely, for all Infidels except hardened pedophiles), its hatred of pet dogs, its contempt for music and the visual arts (this, surely, should be a turn-off for Aboriginal prisoners in particular, for whom music and representational art are often a major avenue to rehabilitation and even a respectable living), and – worst of all – its apostasy law, the diktat that anyone who is a Muslim – whether raised in the cult, or joining it as a convert – cannot leave it, ever, on pain of death?  Muslim prison dawa in all its forms – whether the sly and sinister smiles and wiles of a Muslim ‘prison chaplain’ or the crude standover tactics of a Muslim inmate demanding that his fellow inmate (Infidel) join the Allah gang ‘or else’ – has to be stopped.  – CM

‘Mr McMahon said a Kempsey Prison assault in April, in which a prisoner allegedly carved a jihadist slogan into the head of an inmate, caused the Government to confirm that there were between 50 and 60 inmates of concern across NSW.

Then isolate them.  Do not allow them to form gangs; and do not permit them access to non-Muslim prisoners. – CM

‘He said more resources and training for prison officers to identify and intervene in inmate radicalisation was needed.’

No. What’s needed is separation.  Keep the Muslim prisoners absolutely separate from the non-Muslims; this would stymy ‘prison dawa’.   Wherever you put the Muslims, also keep the most aggressive and openly jihad-minded/ sharia-pushing Muslim prisoners separate from the general run of Muslim prisoners, and make  no concessiion to any Muslim demands for special treatment.   In additiona: wherever the Muslims are being kept, do not allow either the jihad-minded or the apparently-nominal Muslims any opportunity to gather in groups larger than three or four.  A big factor in triggering Muslim aggression is numbers.  The stronger Muslims feel vis a vis the adjacent Infidels, the more aggressive they will be.  Therefore: make sure they are always outnumbered.  Infidel law enforcement must both seem and be ‘the strong horse’. – CM

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