“Syrian migrant dies in German blast”

“Syrian migrant dies in German blast”

Take a deep breath. Read it again and let it sink in. What kind of skunk would possibly cook up a caption like that?

The last shreds of credibility still possessed by Europe’s left-wing media establishment have been discarded in a laughably desperate attempt to spin Muslims as the victims of their own terror war against the European population. For example, as noted earlier, a Syrian asylum seeker launched a suicide bombing attack against innocent Germans in Ansbach on Sunday. Here’s how the BBC presented the story:


Propagandists know that few people dig much deeper than the headlines. This one must have left many readers shaking their heads at the iniquity of Islamophobic Germans who blow up put-upon Syrian migrants.

It isn’t just the taxpayer-funded Beeb. The terrorist had been allowed to enter Germany and to stay there for 2 years, but officially he had been denied asylum. Apparently to generate more sympathy for the vicious Islamomaniac, Roto-Reuters managed to work that into their headline:


They come in desperation, seeking sanctuary. Not only are they cruelly denied, they are killed in German blasts! Anyone taking mainstream media reports at face value must be flabbergasted that the “refugees” keep pouring in by the millions.

What really happened:

MUSLIM Suicide Bomber blows himself up outside a Wine Bar in Ansbach, at least 10 injured

A suicide bomb has been set off at the entrance to a German open air music festival, killing at least one person (bomber) and prompting a massive police response. The Mayor of Ansbach, Carda Seidel, has confirmed to local media that the blast in the city’s centre was due to an explosive device. UPDATE1 Turns … Continue reading

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A message to those who think control orders stop jihadists

Andrew Bolt

No, control orders do not work – and keeping jihadists at home makes us less safe:

ONE of the Islamic State “soldiers” who stormed a church in France before slashing the throat of a priest at the altar has been identified.

Adel Kermiche, 19, recorded the sickening murder while repeatedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the Catholic church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, at 9am Tuesday (5pm Tuesday AEST).

French Prosecutor Francois Molins said Kermiche was known to security services, having twice been arrested on his way to Syria, and was under house arrest and wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet at the time of the attack.

Molins said Kermiche and an unknown accomplice, armed with knives, took the 86-year-old priest Jacques Hamel, three nuns and two worshippers hostage.


One day the denialism will stop, but not yet:

That’s one way to put it. Headline, BBC website, Monday:

Syrian migrant dies in German blast.

The Australian brings some clarity, yesterday:

The Syrian refugee who blew himself up and injured 12 people in the southern German town of Ansbach was driven by religious extremism … “My personal view is that … it’s very likely this really was an Islamist suicide attack,” (said Bavaria’s Interior Minister) Joachim Herrmann.

We can think of some common threads. Raffaello Pantucci on the latest spate of terror attacks in ­Europe, The Age, yesterday:

The profile of what we consider a terrorist attack is increasingly hard to define, in the same way that the specifics of what terrorists look like is ever harder to grasp.

2 thoughts on ““Syrian migrant dies in German blast””

  1. What becomes of the media when their wealth of islamic appeasement excuses run out?
    Surely they’re reaching the bottom of the barrel by now, and the scrapings are becoming increasingly harder to find?
    The “patch up” excuses are now too thinly applied to cover up the islamic intent. They are akin to trying to gloss over the bedroom door which the child attacked with their crayons.
    How would you deal with the bedroom door?
    You would most likely use a solvent on it to clear the aftermath.
    How do you stop it happening again?
    You would appropriately make the child understand that their actions were not acceptable.
    How would you prevent copy cat style antics from being performed by another child?
    You would supervise the child at all times whilst in possession of the crayons,and oversee that all crayons out of the confinement be returned.
    How do you deal with the non compliant child?
    You would gather each and every one of those crayons, and bin them!

  2. A leftist skunk, of course!

    Libertine, “progressive liberalism” is all about having ever-more rights and ever less responsibilities, by dint of claiming that there is no free-will choice or guilt to blame anyone for: that there are no real “crimes” nor “criminals,” because life is too complex for anyone to ever really be able to understand cause-and-effect; so, “since” all so-called facts are really only opinions anyway, the leftist gangster criminals’ subjective might-made-right opinions must be the “diversely opposite equals” to those silly individualist conservative’s objective “facts!”

    Therefore, to such reality-avoiding lying criminal cowards, the only real crime should be being offensively mean in hurting someone’s feelings by accusing them of “crimes” and calling them “criminals!”

    Today’s Ottawa Citizen page 1 headline is a prime example of their lying cowardice and race-war pandering. It’s so vile, in fact, that I can’t really go into the details for fear of vomiting. Or worse.

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