Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: “More Migrants Will Die”

Munich Muslims fear backlash….

He screamed ‘allahu akbar’, but the learned analysts just can’t figure out what made him do it. Its a real head scratcher.

Desperately looking for a “right wing extremist”— NBC reporter Richard Engel on the Nightly News smirking that it was “neo-Nazis” He actually looked smug. What a douche.

Disturbing rise of Europe’s Far-Right: Where nationalist paries (sic) are surging across EU?

Who is disturbed? Are you disturbed?

DESPITE Norbert Hofer’s narrow defeat in last week’s Austrian presidential election, nationalist parties continue to surge across the continent.–WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK|BY DOMINIC MIDGLEY
Munich attack: Shooter’s motive ‘completely unclear’

No shiite. Turns out that its not a “right wing attack”,  so now the twittering leftards are suspiciously quiet.

Munich attack: Shooter’s motive ‘completely unclear’
German police say attacker who killed nine people before turning gun on himself was an 18-year-old from Munich.

German police say attacker who killed nine people before turning gun on himself was an 18-year-old from Munich.

“The perpetrator was an 18-year-old German-Iranian from Munich,” police chief Hubertus Andrae told reporters, adding that there was no sign of any additional shooters involved in the incident.

The suspect had dual citizenship and “no criminal record”, Andrae said.

“The motive or explanation for this crime is completely unclear.”

No, it isn’t. And as long as you keep telling yourselves that, you’re just inviting more attacks like this one.

Desperately trying to establish some kind of “right wing” angle to this. RT reports that “Munich rampage occurred on fifth anniversary of Breivik massacre”, as if that had anything to do with it at all.

Tim Blair:


Nine dead and many injured in Munich:

At least nine people were killed and 21 others hurt Friday in a shooting rampage at a busy shopping district in Munich, Germany, police said.

Police searched for attackers, found a man who had killed himself and concluded he was the only gunman, the police chief said.


The unidentified gunman was an 18-year-old German-Iranian who had lived in Munich for more than two years, Chief Hubertus Andrae told reporters.

No group has claimed responsibility and police have not provided a motive. Authorities said children were among the casualties …

A witness who will only be identified as Lauretta told CNN her son was in a bathroom with a shooter at the McDonald’s. “That’s where he loaded his weapon,” she said. “I hear like an alarm and boom, boom, boom… And he’s still killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can’t run.” Lauretta said she heard the gunman say, “Allahu Akbar,” or God is great. “I know this because I’m Muslim. I hear this and I only cry.”

It’s the third attack on civilians in Europe in barely a week.

FLASHBACK. Munich, 1972:

The intruders carried Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenades and Tokarev pistols in duffel bags. Stolen keys gave them access to 31 Connollystrasse, where the Israelis were housed.

It is believed that the attackers, all from refugee camps, had worked in the village weeks preceding the Games to study the scene of their strike.

UPDATE. The New York Times blames Europe:

First came Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Then the horrific attack in Nice, France, which killed 84 people. Then, on Friday, a shooting near a shopping mall in Munich, which the police are treating as a possible terrorist attack.

These events alone would be cause for a continental nervous breakdown. But still unresolved is an even bigger threat to European stability: a failure to develop a coherent, humane plan to deal with the inexorable flow of desperate people fleeing violence and persecution in the Middle East and Africa and seeking a new home in Europe …

The refugee issue continues to stoke fears and xenophobic politics. If Europe fails to face this problem squarely and humanely, more migrants will die, and a union that has kept the peace in Europe for decades could well unravel.

Correction: if Europe fails to face this problem squarely, more Europeans will die.

(Via Steve Sailer, who neatly condenses the NYT’s view: “Munich attack proves Europe must take in more refugees.”)

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