“Ugly”, “stupid” and “deformed creature” nothing out of the ordinary on Q & A

Tim Blair

The ABC defends Khaled Elomar’s Q & A audience appearance:

On Facebook Elomar has mocked the One Nation senator, calling her “Sheikha Pauline Hanson” and depicting her wearing a hijab. One post tells Hanson to “Go Upper Cut Yourself”.

The Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie is also targeted by Elomar and referred to on Facebook as “ugly”, “stupid” and “a deformed creature”. 

You’re not exactly Miss Universe yourself, old chap.

Other posts on Elomar’s Facebook account includes criticisms of “Zionist Israel” as well as capitalism. One post said: “The Zionists and capitalists of the world ‘Go f**k yourself’ … We want peace mother**kers.”

Another post said: “The world is waking up to the crimes of Zionism/Capitalism. The world is extremely cognisant of the bias and flawed western foreign policies. Islam has a vast international supportive audience.”

But the ABC has backed its audience screening processes, saying there was nothing “out of the ordinary about his appearance on the program”.

The only thing out of the ordinary was Elomar being in the crowd instead of on the panel. The ABC should provide him with a more prominent platform … perhaps the next time Q & A discusses gay marriage.

‘Go uppercut yourself, Pauline’
The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings”– HTF did this dog get into Australia?

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  1. Look at his eyes – just brimming with the light of islam aren’t they?

    The same light we see in mobs of paki, afghani, iraqi, libyan, turk , egyptian etc etc islamic supremacists.

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