Australia Welcomes Islamic Hate Preachers

Who let them in? Now a spruiker for Hamas, the terrorist group?

Andrew Bolt

Who lets these people in? Who invites them? 


Are we really talking about a tiny, unrepresentative minority?

Mark Durie:

A fundamentalist Islamic preacher who says Hamas “are not terrorists, they are freedom fighters” is planning to come to Australia after being refused a visa earlier this year.

Sheikh Zahir Mahmood is headlined as a speaker at the upcoming United Muslims Association (UMA) conference to be held in Sydney on Sunday 14th August.

Zahir Mahmood made the claim about Hamas in Birmingham in 2009 at a meeting where he likened modern Israel to Nazi Germany.
Mahmood had attempted to come to Australia in May but was his visa was refused by the Department of Immigration. The UMA organised a conference where gender segregation was enforced, despite the radical group Hizb ut-Tahrir losing a court case over the same issue.

Other speakers at the conference include Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman and Bilal Dannoun. Sheikh Shady came to national attention recently for his comment that “homosexuality is spreading all the diseases “ describing them as “evil actions”. He is President of the National Imams Council, and was a guest at the Prime Minister’s recent Iftar dinner.

Bilal Dannoun was identified in 2007 by national security as one of the fundamentalist clerics supporting Wahhabism. Dannoun responded by claiming that terrorist attacks were not being carried out by followers of Wahhabism, such as al-Qaeda. He said: “if following the teachings of Islam, following the way of the Prophet is called radical, then … call us radicals.”