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ALLAHU AKHBAR! Propaganda Jihadi Khizr Khan Says Allah Is Enforcing His Will On The U.S. By Tripping Up Trump

This Khizr Khan fellow should just run for president, seeing as how the entire ruling class agrees that he should be immune to criticism.


Attacks in Europe by a “German-Iranian,” then a “French-Tunisian,” & now a “Norwegian-Somali”—good, clear descriptors from our honest press.

We must emphasize that this terrorism is “homegrown,” to justify imposing a police state on citizens of native stock.

Journalism schools spend years teaching budding headline writers how to convert islamic jihadists into native Europeans.


Indonesia police arrest six in alleged plot to launch rocket attack on Singapore»
 Six suspects were arrested in an alleged plot to launch a rocket attack on Singapore’s Marina Bay from the Indonesian island of Batam, Indonesian media reported Friday.  Singapore’s Minister of Defence Ng Eng Hen confirmed in a Facebook post …Read More…From CNBC Asia news, Channel News Asia and Al jazeera
Here is the Iranian Video Media Claims Doesn’t Exist
 Mr. Trump walked back his previous statement, but shouldn’t have. It also illustrates that Trump’s instincts about Iran are correct. Thanks to Conservative Tree House. Here is a translation of the part of it: On the day that the Joint Comprehensive …Read More…ABC, Washington Post, LATimes etc.
An Inside Account of ISIS’ European Networks
Don’t come to Syria, do your jihad where you are. …Read More…
Belgium, Today:
Did Obama Commit Felony by Paying $400 Million Ransom to Iran?

Despite the absurd bald-faced lies the Obama Administration arrogantly expects us accept, it is beyond any question that the $400 million given to the terrorists running Iran in exchange for hostages was a ransom payment. Was it also a felony? Judge Napolitano raises the possibility: (Moonbattery)



Obamas *willful intent to deceive* EXPOSED!
Obama’s Cash Payment to Iran Was More Than a Ransom — It Broke Criminal Law
Multiculturalism exists to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior & that superior cultures aren’t superior-
George Soros, who creates riots as a means to ‘social change,’ is one of Hillary’s top donors.
Even more outrageous after you watch the Clinton Cash movie & realize the scale of the Clinton’s fraud & deceit:
Did you know that Trump used to donate to politicians to gain influence? Awful! We need a president who is owned, not one who owns others.
And the Pope’s demand for a flood of murderous rapists into Europe totally accords with Church teaching and history.
What used to matter:
• 2nd amendment
• Supreme Court appointments
What matters now:
• not offending Muslims,Mexicans
• paranoia over Russia

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