Allahuakbaring savages run amok, USA Today avoids “M” & “I” word

Officer ‘severely injured’ after possible machete incident at northeast Calgary mall Saturday: Police

Calgary police have confirmed an officer is in stable condition after sustaining a “severe injury” in an altercation at Marlborough Mall in Calgary Saturday afternoon.

Minnesota Stabbing

Here’s Pamela Geller with some actual facts:

St. Cloud mall stabbing attack suspect referenced Allah during attack, asked at least one victim if they were Muslim before assault.

Muslims waging jihad always separate the Muslims from the non-Muslims (and apostates) for slaughter. If you recall, devout Muslims did this at the Westgate Mall [1], the Mumbai [2]massacre (Jews got it the worst [3]), Mali [4], Tunisia beach massacre [5], (even in Michigan) [6] etc. The jihadis in Dhaka [7] hacked 20 people to death, sparing only those who could recite the Qur’an, before engaging police in a 12-hour standoff.

The sharia-enforcing media scrubs all references to Allah, jihad, the war.

More from the lame stream media:

ST. CLOUD, Minn. — Several people were injured and a suspect died Saturday night after a stabbing attack at a Minnesota mall, authorities say.

St. Cloud Police Sgt. Jason Burke said multiple victims were taken to the hospital.

Burke later confirmed that a suspect was killed and that his body was still inside the Crossroads Center mall. Burke said an undetermined number of people still remained inside the mall late Saturday, and that the investigation is ongoing.

“The individual we believe to be responsible for the victims’ stab wounds is currently deceased inside the mall,” Burke said in a statement.

A comment from Vlad Tepes:

A stabbing attack with multiple victims took place at St. Cloud Mall in Minneapolis.

All that has been reported despite ploughing through many videos and articles is, that the attacker is now metabolically challenged. The word that will come to replace dead any day now.

St. Cloud Hospital spokesman Chris Nelson told the Times that eight patients were brought to the hospital; seven had injuries that were not life-threatening; and one was admitted.

Danny Carranza of Willmar was with his children at the play area near Macy’s when the chaos started.

“People came running around the corner and I freaked out because I thought it was a terrorist attack or something because I saw a lot of people, so I grabbed my kids,” he said.—More kids grabbing here.

Also 29 people are dead or injured in a bombing in New York city tonight, which is quite the coincidence after the two bombs this morning at a Marine run in Jersey.

The Mayor, Bill Deblasio, assures us that this bombing, and the possible second device were deliberate. Which is good because we would hate to think that New York was spontaneously combusting. Or that pressure cookers, the nature of the second device, accidentally turned a pot roast into C4, but assured us that there was no connection to terrorism. Which likely means they plan to preemptively announce that the Muslim or Muslims who did this were mentally ill.

More “mentally ill”  attacks in Israel:

KNIFE JIHAD in Israel: Four jihad terrorist attacks within hours leave 5 Israelis lightly injured, 4 terrorists dead

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Quran.

Let the carpet bombing begin. Basta. They only thing they understand is strength.

Netanyahu threatens Gaza terrorists with “downpour” [1] if rocket attacks continue. Stop talking and start bombing.

Israel will not tolerate any missiles or mortars being fired from either Syria or from Gaza and will respond with disproportionate force, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Thursday, a day after projectiles were fired at Israel from across both frontiers.

Speaking in the southern Israeli city of Netivot on Thursday evening, Netanyahu said that the country will not continue to absorb rocket fire “not from the north or from the south.”

“Anyone who thinks [of firing] a drizzle will receive a downpour,” he said during a ceremony in the Gaza border city. “The response of the past weeks speaks for itself.”

Palestinian assailant Hatem Abdel-Hafiz al-Shaloudi attacks Israeli soldiers with a knife in Hebron on September 17, 2016 (screen capture)

Palestinian assailant Hatem Abdel-Hafiz al-Shaloudi attacks Israeli soldiers with a knife in Hebron on September 17, 2016 (screen capture)

A newly released video shows the moments in which a Palestinian assailant attacked Israeli soldiers with a knife in Hebron Saturday morning, lightly wounding one of them before being shot and killed.

A military statement said the attacker drew a knife during a routine security check, wounding a soldier. “In response to the immediate threat, forces at the scene shot the assailant, resulting in his death,” the statement said.

Some time after Saturday’s attack security forces surrounded Shaloudi’s Hebron home. There was no word on whether they made any arrests or confiscated materials.

The incident was the fifth apparently terror-related attack of the weekend, and the third in the Hebron area. (TOI) [2]

“Israel: Four terrorist attacks within hours leave 5 Israelis lightly injured, 4 terrorists dead,” CUFI, [3]September 16, 2016:
Israeli soldier face slashed by Palestinian stabber

A 19-year-old Israeli soldier had his face slashed by a Palestinian terrorist near Herbon in the West Bank.

The soldier was treated at the scene. The terrorist was shot dead at the scene.

Car Ramming

A driver a passenger were shot as they plowed their car into a bus stop in the West Bank.

“Two assailants rammed a vehicle into a civilian bus stop at the Elias junction near the community of Kiryat Arba,” an army statement said.

“Forces at the scene fired at the vehicle resulting in the death of one of the assailants while the other was wounded.”

The man was pronounced dead on the scene. The Palestinian woman was shot in the stomach and seriously injured. She received preliminary treatment at the scene, before being taken to a Jerusalem hospital.

Three Israeli teenagers — two boys and a girl — were also taken to hospital. They suffered light injuries and shock.

Both assailants are said to be related to a terrorist who rammed his car into the same bus stop in June. The army reported that they found a knife in the vehicle.
Driver injured as bus pelted with rocks and bottles

A bus driver was lightly injured Friday when rocks and glass bottles full of paint were thrown at his vehicle as it traveled from Jerusalem to the nearby Ma’ale Adumim settlement in the West Bank, police said.

Glass shards from a broken window hit the driver, cutting him, as he was driving down the Route 1 highway. No other injuries were reported.

Police officers began searching the area to find the perpetrators of the attack, according to a police spokesperson.
Stabbing Attack at Damascus Gate

A Jordanian man was shot dead as he tried to stab a female Israeli police officer on Friday.

The officer was not injured in the attack.

The man arrived at the Damascus Gate from inside the Old City and approached a group of officers with a knife drawn.

The officers, who were in the area on a “safety and security mission,” saw the man coming towards them with the blade and opened fire, police said.

Upon searching the man’s body after the attempted attack, police found three knives in his possession.

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