Australia: Catholic School Teacher Reads Quran Before Class Prayers…

The Age of Idiocy – All In the Name of ‘Diversity’

“We don’t send our kids to an Islamic school to listen to the Koran and it’s not a religion lesson, it’s a geography lesson, so how does that relate to geography?” It relates to the geography of the new world, in which we must adapt to the wishes of our new overlords. Jesse Pittard has already adopted the dhimmi mentality that is being forced on all of us. But the elites are going to discover that resistance is stronger than they expected.

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“EXCLUSIVE: Parents furious after Catholic school teacher reads out sections of the KORAN before class prayers – but principal insists it was just an ‘academic exercise’”, By Martha Azzi, Daily Mail Australia [1], September 2, 2016:

Parents have been left fuming after discovering a history and geography teacher has been reading excerpts of the Koran to their children at a Catholic boy’s high school.

Jesse Pittard, who teaches both subjects at Christian Brothers’ High School, in Lewisham in Sydney’s inner-west, has come under fire from parents for reading out sections of the Koran to his year seven students at the start of the day during home room and before classes.

Parents and students told Daily Mail Australia Mr Pittard began reading excerpts to students at the beginning of the semester in July and claimed he has since read ‘more than half’ the Koran to them.

Parents are particularly angry they were not told about the Koran readings and questioned why the Muslim holy book needed to be read outside of religion classes.

One mother said her son revealed during a conversation that Mr Pittard was reading the Koran to him before his geography class.

‘We don’t send our kids to an Islamic school to listen to the Koran and it’s not a religion lesson, it’s a geography lesson, so how does that relate to geography?’ she said.

Mr Pittard has chosen not to comment on the matter.

The school’s principal, Brother Paul Conn, confirmed Mr Pittard had read passages from the Koran before several year seven classes, and said he had received three emails and one phone call from concerned parents asking for him to investigate the matter.

But he denied the readings had been going since the beginning of the school semester and had only happened ‘for a couple of days’ and were ‘supposed to be an academic exercise’.

‘Unfortunately, due to the timing of the exercise being with the normal beginning of [Catholic] lesson prayer, some confusion did exist,’ he said.

Mr Conn has since spoken to concerned parents. He said further discussion of the Koran in class has stopped.

‘I … clarified to all concerned that as a Catholic school, we are one hundred percent committed to our Catholic faith, and that our strategic plan and Religious Education Program has the Catholic faith as its core,’ he said.

‘Being a culturally diverse school, we are open to informed and balanced discussion on all faiths, but our commitment in terms of faith education is to the Catholic Faith.

‘I spoke to the teacher concerned, who is a Christian, and he now understands that all beginning of lesson prayer at CBHS Lewisham is Catholic.

‘He never intended to do anything differently, but his timing did cause some confusion. No further discussion on the Koran will be happening as no further need exists.’

The all-boys school caters for students from year five to 12 and prides itself ‘in keeping with its rich faith-filled past’ and only does Catholic prayers in their religion classes.

One of Mr Pittard’s students said the teacher had read the English version of the Koran before geography class…

4 thoughts on “Australia: Catholic School Teacher Reads Quran Before Class Prayers…”

  1. “Academic Exercise” my arse! this is properly the latest in the socialist bullshite from the Catholic Church by their beloved socialist pope.

  2. What *should* be happening in Catholic schools – and schools run by other Christian denominations – is that teachers in RE classes, from Yr 7 to 12 should – in the ‘other religions’ segment, when it comes time to learn the facts about Islam – be using Rev Dr Mark Durie’s “Which God?” to give their students a clear understanding of how Islam not only *differs radically* from the Biblical faiths – Judaism and Christianity – but is also filled with inveterate and deliberate hostility toward them, besides – of course – being also filled with hostility toward all other non-Islamic belief systems. Students *do* need to know about Islam. But they don’t need to know sugary lies and nonsense. Instead, they need to know that it is dangerous, and they need to know *why* it is dangerous. (Bill Warner’s materials would be useful, here). They need to know about the multifarious and malevolent deceits practised by Muslims. The girls, particularly, need to know why it is imperative that they should *avoid* Muslim males – no matter how superficially charming *some* of said Muslim males might temporarily appear to be – like the plague; that Sheikh Charming can and will morph in moments into a hideous monster.

  3. Koran reading not necessary for innocent student at age 10 years which deviate the humanity of generations.

    It is not a question of how bad is koran or bible it is question of how bad the culture.

  4. The proglodyte’s favorite buzzword, “DIVERSITY” = How to make total opposites seem like equals, in order to support criminals against their victims, and achieve what all criminals really want: equality of outcome over equality of opportunity!

    Liberals pretend to promote “diversity” but their real aim is only to DIVIDE and conquer.

    What better tool to use to divide people than the idol of “diversity?”

    In stead of saying “normal is healthy and good for you!” they whine that “you’re all being
    forced to be normal and healthy by evil normal healthy people, you poor oppressed victims!”

    Victimologists claim that “Being right denies you the right to be wrong in infinitely diverse ways!”

    There is only one way to be right, and an almost infinite number of symptoms of being wrong – ways to be sorta mostly but not really right – and liberal dividers will try to ‘champion’ each and every one of them!

    “Diversity” is slander-code for “victims who are discriminated against because they are different!”

    The gangster left’s overall strategy will always be to DIVIDE and conquer their victims.

    Pretend-promotion of working-‘class’ people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientations,’ they are really seeking to induce jealousy and divide people along their differences, in stead of to unite us along our lines of common experience as humans, and they stand against equal rights for all.

    These members of the hydra of gangter extortion and slavery then divide themselves into multiple ‘parties,’ each with a supposeldy unique and specialized victimology grievance to promote, (like how the Greens promote environmental victimolgy) but then demand they get to pool their votes under a ‘reformed’ voting system like Proportional Representation or ‘Ranked’ Voting!

    Thus each and every stage of their politically divisive platforms qualifies as a separate entity; the nearly infinite and ‘diverse’ symptoms of all the consequences of refusing to solve simple problems!

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