13 thoughts on “Burlington shooter identified: Ahmed Mohamed”

    1. There isn’t a link because this story is a complete fabrication designed to rile up the Trumpets.

      What kind of ass takes the time to doctor a web page just to lie to their readers?

  1. The point I’d like to make, and to which you should pay attention, is this: the responding cops fucked up again. Over 200 cops from at least 4 counties and an undetermined number of jurisdictions ~ tribal, municipal, county, state, federal ~ and the shooter still got away. You cannot and should not trust your safety to the response of law enforcement officers. Period. In this case over 200 cops converged on the scene, none of them apparently saw the tactical wisdom of hanging loose in the area to look for suspicious people, among which they may have found the shooter. More alarming but not surprising from my angle is the fact that, again, cops on-scene stopped hunting the shooter as soon as they came across helpless, lost, scared people who just couldn’t survive without being led to the exit door by an armed officer. Fuck what those chicken-shit civilians feel or think; the cops needed to go after the shooter and end the danger. But rather than that, cops became escorts. Cops did not know if the shooter was still inside killing people, neither did the cops know if there was more than one shooter. Not knowing this, their moral imperative was to help stupid, witless people find their way to their cars instead of going after the bad-guy(s) with the gun(s). This is what you can expect from any and all LEO who may get the radio call to come save your ass. They won’t because they can’t and they can’t because they’re trained wrong. The way you stop active shooter is to kill them as quickly as possible. Period. And since they won’t and so can’t… what are you going to do?

  2. This is not on CNN nor anywhere else. Look like it might have been fabricated. “Identified” is misspelled.

    Let’s not spread unsubstantiated stuff that later comes back to bite us. The truth can wait.

  3. I get the “Tomorrow’s headlines today: Burlington Muslims fear ‘backlash’ over Mall attack that killed 5 people”

    which WILL be the case if he is islamic

    That said, your reputation has always been good. May I suggest that when “spoofing” .. be very clear that it is spoofing or it will bite you … and the bite will last

    Keep up the fabulous work you do

  4. One thing everyone should understand. The police are law ENFORCEMENT, they are not able to prevent crime other than in the sense of getting criminals off the streets. We are each responsible for our own safety and security. One thing I will no longer do is shop in Malls that are gun free zones. That makes us like fish in a barrell and I won’t be a part of it and I am encouraging schools in my area to have trained armed guards or trained armed admin and teachers.

  5. You mean Arcan Cetin? Its close to Ahmed Mohammed in the way the Latino is close to Middle Eastern, or Easter is close to Halloween. I live within an hour of the shooting, and thats the information coming from Oak Harbor, WA tonight, dummy.

  6. Just another Islamomaggot murderer.
    Train in martial arts and firearms combat daily. Go armed everywhere. I don’t know what you do if you live in some chickensh*t country where guns are illegal. I guess you break the f*cking law, huh?! No entity, no person has the right to tell you that you can’t defend yourself. No person or entity has the right to prevent you from defending yourself. Fight back against leftist stupidity, self loathing and self destructiveness. If leftism worked, we’d all be drinking pink bubble up and eating rainbow stew by now, wouldn’t we? Leftism is an infinite regression into the void.

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