Dear Anne Aly: How Many Jihadists Have You “Deradicalised?”

Australia: Muslim MP Anne Aly, Predictably, Gets All Het Up About Immigration Poll That Showed Many Aussies Want Ban on Muslim Immigration

 by Christina McIntosh

As reported by Fergus Hunter for the Islamophile “Sydney Morning Herald”.

“This Is Not The Australia I Know: First Muslim Woman MP Hits Back At Immigration Poll”.

Ann Aly

“The first Muslim woman elected to Federal Parliament, Anne Aly, has declared that a poll showing that half of respondents want to ban Muslim immigration doesn’t reflect the true feelings and reality of mainstream Australia.

‘However, Dr Aly, the Labor member for the WA seat of Cowan and a counter-radicalisation expert (that is, a Muslim who has made a career out of claiming to be able to get young Muslims to stop Going Jihad – CM), said a degree of xenophobia towards minorities does exist, fed by hateful rhetoric, and needs to be confronted by political leaders and regular people.

It isn’t ‘xenophobia towards minorities’. It is a perfectly rational fear, based upon observable facts, of being murdered in the street – or in shops, or in church, or on the train or in the bus or at the theatre or at work – by allahu-akbaring Mohammedan assassins.  And… hateful rhetoric?   Ms Aly is hoping that we Aussie infidels will never take a peek at a good clear translation of the Quran – with accompanying standard annotations – or of the Sira or life of Mohammed, or some of the Hadiths, all now right there online in Muslim-approved English versions made by Muslims.  But lots of us have done just that, and more are doing and will be doing it, and when they do, they are mostly taken aback by the hatred – toward us, us non-believers – that pours off the pages like heat from an opened oven.  Then there are those intrepid Aussies who have started poking around amongst the reams and reams of material on view at MEMRI, where one can watch bog-standard Islamic preachers and pundits and ‘scholars’ and political figures in action, whipping up the hate and the madhattery.  Their antics and their screechings make the most strident of non-Muslim demagogues look quiet and refined.

But in any case, by ‘xenophobia towards minorities… fed by hateful rhetoric’, what Ms Aly really means is “the dirty Kuffar are finding out what the Ummah intends to do to them, and they don’t like it, and are trying to warn other kuffar, and some of the other kuffar are listening to them, and becoming alarmed”. – CM

‘The poll, released this week, found 49 percent of people favoured a ban on Muslims moving to Australia, previously considered an idea espoused only by outsider politicians like One Nation leader Pauline Hanson.

‘The survey found 60 percent of Coalition voters, 40 percent of Labor voters and 34 percent of Greens voters agreed with the proposition and the most common concern expressed was that Muslim people were not integrating, followed by fears of terrorism.

Both are fears based upon observable facts; facts that, if one examines the Islamic texts, turn out to be directly related to central teachings of Islam. – CM

“We’ve got a society that is one of the world’s most cohesive multicultural and multi-faith societies”, Dr Aly told Fairfax Media.  “What this poll does show is that the cohesiveness is quite fragile.  We need to keep working on it.”

In this sort of context the code-word “cohesive” seems to mean something like “Islamo-accommodating” or “Islamo-appeasing”.  “Cohesiveness” = Islamo-accommodation, Islamo-appeasement.  Ms Aly has just discovered that fewer Aussies have been fooled, and conditioned into proto-dhimmitude, than she and other Muslims thought.  It’s a nasty shock to her, I’ll bet.  Her reflexive response is to step up the Islamopuffery, to try to squelch the unpleassant signs of resistance against Islamisation. – CM

‘She said that every Australian had a moral duty to call out “false imagery” of Australia that was advanced by One Nation and anti-immigration voices.

Most Islamosavvy Australians aren’t against all immigration as such; we are against Muslim immigration, and we are opposed to any further appeasement and accommodation of Islam.   But what Ms Aly is trying to suggest is that we have a moral duty to submit to Islamisation. – CM

‘Senator Hanson advocated a Muslim ban in her first speech to the Parliament since being re-elected.

Somebody has to be the one to say it.  Now it’s been said – as it was said, earlier, by the sensible Sonia Kruger, TV personality – it has to be talked about. – CM

‘Queensland Nationals MP George Christensen also called for restrictions on migration from countries with high levels of Muslim extremism.

Yes. A perfectly sensible proposal. I myself would go so far as to not admit anyone holding a passport issued by an OIC-member country that was majority-Islamic, unless they could be shown to be a bona fide member of a non-Islamic minority group.  For example: persons established as Christians, Sikhs and Hindus from Pakistan could be admitted as immigrants, tourists, or students, but not anyone else.  Similarly, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus from Malaysia.  One may note that in many Muslim countries there are ID cards that show the person’s religious affiliation. – CM

‘According to Dr Aly, who arrived in the country as a two-year-old from Egypt, Muslims can also succumb to a divided view of the country, despite it not squaring with their own experience.

Shall we ask Ms Aly about the meaning of Dar Al Harb and Dar al Islam? – CM

“It’s very easy for the average Muslim Australian to say, “Oh, wow, everyone around me hates me”.

Really?  And no Muslim in Australia has ever been taught, in the home and in the mosque, to reject and hate the kuffar society around them, filled with those who are declared by the Quran to be “the worst of beasts”??   I wonder how much of Muslim claims that “nobody loves me, everybody hates me” can be put down to the phenomenon that psychologists call “projection”.  – CM

“But that’s not my personal experience in Australia, and I know it’s not the experience of other Muslims in Australia”.

Yes, because a lot of Aussies are still dangerously misinformed or uninformed about Islam; as witness the 40 percent of people polled who were not opposed to Muslim immigration, and the additional 11 percent who had not yet made up their minds. – CM

“People say everyone hates them, but then you ask them what their neighbours are like, and they say, ‘Oh, I love my neighbours”.

Hmm.  But would they still ‘love’ that cheerful, friendly Aussie neighbour if they found out that he or she was an enthusiastic supporter of Israel? – CM

“I think every parliamentarian and particularly the Prime Minister, has a moral obligation to speak up and say, “This is not Australia”, and really lead the debate on who and what we are.”

Well, Ms Aly, bottom line is, a lot of people in Australia – the majority of whom have taken the trouble to do some homework on what it is exactly that Islam teaches, and how that jibes with what Muslims have historically done in the course of the past 1400 years – don’t want an Islamised Australia. Because there is not one Islamic country, anywhere in the world, that we would want to resemble in any way, shape or form.  And the only way to be sure of not having an Islamised Australia, in the long term, is to prevent the Muslim Fifth Column from expanding; and the first step toward that, is to stop Muslim immigration.  A second step would be to shut down all sharia-pushing and/ or jihad-promoting mosques and prevent more mosques from being built, and the third is to take Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s advice, given years ago to a number of western countries, and shut down all madrasas or Islam-based schools, and require all children from Muslim families to attend state schools. – CM

‘She suggested the Essential poll’s question were too negative, and could have skewed the results.

Is she demanding that they should have been worded in such a way as to push people toward a ‘positive’ answer? – CM

“They did not ask, “Do you like your Muslim neighbours?  Do you agree to have Muslims that contribute to Australia”, she said.  “They were all negatively worded”.

I’m through with trying to sift out the dangerous Muslims from the non-dangerous; because so often, the most dangerous ones have initially, to many, seemed non-dangerous… until they Went Jihad, and people got killed.  I’m through with playing ‘Muslim Roulette’.  Superficially or seemingly ‘nice’ Muslim neighbours don’t erase the jihad doctrine of Islam.  Precautionary principle.  Got Muslims? – Got Jihad.  The only way to be quite, quite sure of having less Jihad, is to have fewer Muslims.  And we can make a start on that, by stopping Muslim immigration. – CM

‘The former Curtin University professor, who has previously been invited by US President Barack Obama to speak at the White House, acknowledged waves of migrants to Austraila do historically attract some hate, especially at times of economic turmoil.

No.  Those of us who have investigated Islam do not fear the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob, because the economy is not doing as well as might be desired. We fear Islam – we fear and distrust the Ummah, or Mohammedan Mob – because of its 1400 year history of mass murder, mass enslavement, rape and plunder.  We see the ruin that it has wrought and is still wreaking and we wish to establish some boundaries, quickly.  We distrust Muslims because we don’t want to be stabbed in the back, or run over, or blown up, or shot down, like the peopel in the Bataclan theatre.  And we distrust people like you, Ms Aly, because we have begun to learn about the many and varied types of deception that Islam has consciously and malevolently deployed throughout its history. – CM

“We can’t keep falling into this pattern every time there is a new “other” that we can blame for everything”, she said.

Hmm.  I am reminded of that part of her book “Infidel” in which Ayaan Hirsi Ali recalls how, during her childhood, when she lived in 100 percent Muslim Saudi Arabia, the Muslims around her routinely blamed Al Yahood, the Jews, for every single thing, great or small, that went wrong in their daily lives.  It strikes me that Ms Aly herself is in part “projecting” onto non-Muslim Aussies the Muslim tendency to “blame the Infidel” or to “blame the Jew” for anything and everything that goes wrong.  Who is “the other” for Muslims, Ms Aly? Is it not the filthy kuffar, the unbelievers? – CM

“We’ve been doing it for 200 years. (Really?  Evidence, please. – CM)  Grow up, Australia. Let’s take our place on the world stage as a mature nation”.

‘Maturity’, it seems, in Ms Aly’s mind = Islamo-appeasement, or Islamo-compliance.  To resist Islam, to criticise it, to question it and reject it, is ‘immature’…?  – CM

‘She said it was hard to understand why people could hate minorities (really? – the Muslim Egyptians seem to find it very easy to hate and oppress and abuse the Coptic Christian indigenous minority, and the Muslim Turks, back in the day, had no difficulty hating and mass murdering the Armenian and Assyrian Christians – CM), but that the “root of the grievance” (by which she seems to mean, that they are not being told enough soothing lies about Islam, and are therefore refusing to acquiesce in the expansion of Islam in Australia –CM) needs to be addressed, and that voices like Senator Hanson and Mr Christensen couldn’t hide from their role in fuelling xenophobia.

They are not ‘fuelling xenophobia’. In this particular case they are trying to warn their fellow citizens about a real and present danger.  About an ideology and an organisation with an appalling track record of mass murder on the grand scale.  And Ms Aly, being a card-carrying member of that organisation, wants to silence them and anyone else who is trying to raise the alarm; wants to stifle or drown out the warning; wants to make it possible for Islam, for the Ummah, to continue to expand in numbers, and in power, within Australia. – CM

‘During the election campaign, as the candidate for Cowan, Dr Aly was subjected to a campaign by Liberal figures that sought to paint her as soft on terrorism because of her government-funded deradicalisation work.

If the Muslims she claims to have ‘deradicalised’ remain Muslim they remain dangerous. – CM


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  1. # every Australian had a moral duty to call out “false imagery” of Australia

    But ‘calling out’ the false prophetry, lies, blasphemies, terror-casting associated with islam is … islamophobic, of course.

    Ms aly had better find out – quickly – that allah is not God, Mo is not a prophet, and islam is a scam worthy of the son of the assassinated Nigerian oil minister, who sends me the occasional email.

  2. Dr. Aly, the Labor member for the WA seat of Cowan and a counter-radicalisation expert (that is, a Muslim who has made a career out of claiming to be able to get young Muslims to stop Going Jihad – CM)
    0. islam Criminal Dr./Ms. Anne Aly …
    0. (who the shiite were this islam female piece of rubbish electors)
    0. Ah! … Yes … LABOR Voters (islam appeasing) !!!

    The Three Tenants of islam …
    islam DEMANDS three things of its islams
    1. To Convert ALL non-islams to islam !
    2. To force a “Willing” Subjugation by of the book non-islams to islam !
    3. To Kill ALL not “of the book non-islams who will not convert and kill ALL of the book non-islams who will not convert or be willingly subjugated by islam !

    The Three Purges of non-islams …
    non-islams DEMANDS three Purges of islam
    (and one FINAL Pulverisation of islam )
    1. Purge islam Appeasers Masters … Globally !
    2. Purge islam Appeasers … Globally !
    3. Purge islam and its islams … Globally !
    4. Pulverise every Mosque and masjid … Globally !

    islams .. Please assist non-islams !
    islams … Increase and persist in you self destruction/eradication !
    But do it in your own islam majority countries !

    1. The Three Tenants of islam …
      (even one is more than can never be appreciated)
      Corrected to …
      The Three Tenets of islam …

      Face it …
      Absolutely Nobody …
      Absolutely nobody wants islams as tenants
      Purge the muhammadan schism debris !

  3. “..Anne Aly, has declared that a poll showing that half of respondents want to ban Muslim immigration doesn’t reflect the true feelings and reality of mainstream Australia…”

    Not happy with telling us what to think, muslims now tell us what we are thinking!

    Their hubris knows no bounds.

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