Smell the BS!

Smells like BS:
Government whispers: most Syrian refugees we take are Christian

Sources tell The Australian the special provision of 12,000 extra people to be taken from Syria will comprise a majority of Christians.

Much of the non-Christian ­remainder will be from other persecuted, non-Muslim ­minorities, including Yazidis, Druze and ­Zoroastrians. The Sunni Muslims who are included will comprise in part of Kurds, fierce opponents of Islamist extremism.– Herald Sun

And here, the truth about the N*99a  riots in Charlotte:

One thought on “Smell the BS!”

  1. Re the Christians: Barnabas Fund through many ordinary Christian voters *has* been applying a significent degree of pressure; perhaps they are actually getting through to some of our pollies. Barnabas are legit; there is NO WAY they would prioritise Muslims or advise prioritising Muslims. They’ve been working with persecuted *Christians* in the MIdEast and elsewhere for years.

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