Turncoat deceives Australia, increases “refugee” numbers by 38%

Yes we are an immigration nation. But we are not a welfare seekers nation. We are not a Mohammedan nation and we are not a dumping ground for jihadists either.  Turnbull is engaged in deceit. In an act of treason, he has just increased the annual intake of “refugees” by 38%. For this, he has no mandate. Turncoat needs to go. Out with the trash.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has hailed Australia’s cultural diversity as one of the country’s great strengths.Mr Turnbull made the remarks addressing a special United Nations summit to address what’s been described as the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis since World War Two.He’s called on the international community to invest in diversity, arguing it can counter marginalisation and extremism.Jitarth Jai Bharadwaj reports

By Jitarth Jai bharadwaj

Australia is an immigration nation: PM Turnbull (AAP)

Addressing the meeting at the U-N headquarters in New York, Prime Minister Turnbull described Australia as an immigration nation.

“We invite 190,000 migrants each year to join our nation of 24 million, and our commitment to refugees is long-standing. Our humanitarian resettlement program dates back to 1947. This has made Australians truly global citizens, connected by family, culture and language across the globe.”


And he has described Australia’s unity in diversity as one of the country’s great strengths.

“This is not a recent development. As just one example, there is SBS, founded nearly 40 years ago, the public broadcaster, not only broadcasting in dozens languages, but interpreting and celebrating our multicultural society and the values of mutual respect to the whole society. Diversity is an investment against marginalisation and extremism. It helps our community unite rather than be divided. At a time when global concern around immigration and border control is rising, the need to build community support for migration has never been clearer.”

The high-level gathering was called by the U-N to explore solutions to the mass displacement of people around the world.

President of the United Nations General Assembly Peter Thomson says the world needs to act.

“We are witnessing the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis since the Second World War. Millions are fleeing armed conflict and the brutal effects of war. Others are escaping violence, persecution and systematic violations of their human rights. Some are uprooting their lives in response to the adverse effects of climate change and natural disasters. Others still are in search of opportunity and a better life for their children.”

Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto , called on leaders to find what he called “a balanced approach.”

“Instead of emotionally-led and inspired debate, we should carry out a debate based on common sense and rationality. And we have to admit that migration is a largely security issue. And putting into consideration the size and dimension of the migratory flows around the world, I think there will be no debate about the fact that what we have been facing is a global security threat. In this case, we have to avoid hypocrisy. We have to avoid bashing and accusing each other. And we have to make a clear distinction between migrants and refugees.”

He called for what he describes as “controlled” migration to tackle the issue, a views echoed by British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

“Of course, controlled, legal and safe migration benefits our economies. And there is nothing wrong with the desire to migrate for a better life. But the uncontrolled migration we see today is not in the interest of migrants, who are exposed to danger, not in the interest of the countries they are leaving, travelling through or seeking to reach. And not in the interest of refugees, for whom resources and popular support are reduced.”

Australia has been criticised by international rights groups, including the UN, for its asylum policy, which they argue violate international law.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull defended his government’s controversial border policies, saying they have helped curb irregular migration.

He says the international community can learn from Australia.

“Addressing irregular migration through secure borders has been essential in creating the confidence that the government can manage migration in a way that mitigates risk and focuses humanitarian assistance on those who need it most.”

But Greece’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, argued that addressing the cause of the displacement is critical.

Greece was the main point of entry for refugees and migrants in the past year, when an estimated 1.3 million people reached the European Union.

Mr Tsipras warns a failure to reach an agreement on the issue would have serious implications.

“If we do not address the root causes of migration, if we do not accelerate the resettlement of refugees to countries around the world that can host them, we will fail. And what is worse, we will give space to nationalistic, xenophobic forces to show their face. For the first time since the Second World War, they will show their face.”

The first summit on refugees and migrants ended with a declaration by 193 U-N member states calling for respect for the human rights of refugees.

Although not legally binding, the agreement calls on countries which can resettle or reunite many more refugees to do so.

It also calls for those in richer parts of the world to recognise their responsibility to provide humanitarian funding, and invest in communities that host large numbers of refugees.


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  1. …Mal-kham Turnbulliah Al-Australiyah is a 5th. Columnist who works for the House of Saud…

  2. President of the United Nations General Assembly Peter Thomson says …
    We are witnessing the worst humanitarian and refugee crisis since the Second World War … ”

    Not Yet … wait ’til the criminal islams given refuge in non-islam majorty countries REALLY start !!!

  3. Turncoat deceives Australia, increases “refugee” numbers by 38%

    What’s to say …
    Once an islam appeaser !
    Always an islam appeaser !

    Move this islam appeaser on and out … quickly !!!

  4. “First, we bomb the muslims’ secular dictators, who were keeping the jihadis in check for us. Then we foment islamic massacres, and finally we pretend they’re all helpless victims we have to save by bringing them all here. So “this (vile globalist plan) has made Australians truly global citizens, connected by family, culture and language across the globe” – which means the idea of separate “countries” is no longer “necessary” so our one-world plutocratic government and islamic ummah ruled by the bankster caliphate can finally come to pass, inshallah!”

    Mammom Akbar!

    “The beta-cucks at Gatestone only published my last, tiny comment on their article (probably because of their tiny attention spans) so here’s the two they didn’t dare to publish, probably because they would have upstaged their own article:

    There is no conflict between the REAL (Golden) Rule of Law, and stopping islam – because islam isn’t a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace!”) nor are it’s “muslim” members a “race” (at all, much less one of “poor, oppressed, People Of Colour!”).


    This must be stated in simple and irrefutable terms, once and for all:

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, & nobody is doing even these moslems any favours, by indulging their historic lies that islam is a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace”) or a “race” (much less one of poor oppressed People Of Colour”)!

    Pretending there is NOT a Muslim problem but only a white racist problem accepting diversity, is criminally negligent TREASON.

    ALL moslems are criminals: by their own rules, they must endorse in public every word in the Qur’an, which tells them that they are so “superior” to all non-moslems, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-moslems in the world, simply for the “crime” of not being moslems.

    So the Qur’an is a clearly-written, us-versus-them hate-crime book, endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat.

    ALL muslims are criminals, as being members of the ancient, ongoing global extortion racket called islam. In sharia law texts, muslims are SUPPOSED to be regarded as threats (as “objects of fear”) by all the unbelievers, whether or not the individual muslim has itself actually committed any crimes.

    (As documented in the Hedaya, Volume II, Book IX, INSTITUTES, on pages 154 & 157); Qur’an 8:57 & 60.

    That’s why we have laws against simply being a MEMBER of a crime-gang or ‘criminal enterprise’ because their membership endorses the inherent threat. Threats are crimes in themselves: they are psychological attacks, also known as intimidation, bullying, coercion, duress, harassment, activist agitation, blackmail, extortion, and “terrorism.”

    And even any “only” attempted crimes are still considered by civilized people to be crimes.

    Morality is doing what’s right regardless of what you’re told.

    Authority is doing what you’re told regardless of what’s right.

    Most political legalists and police officers are authoritarians – those who pretend to believe there is no morality, so the only things which are lawful are those which some legislator subjectively made into law. Everything is allowed except that which is expressly forbidden.

    They refuse to see that islam is crime, because they have been told by their masters it isn’t.

    Political correctness = factual incorrectness (lying; fraud; CRIME).

    Deliberately maintaining the LIE that Jihad = “peaceful inner struggle,” against ALL the clear evidence and Qur’anic definitions to the contrary, is not only to willfully engage in perpetuating the perpetration of the crime of public deception, but to act as a willing accessory enabling all the crimes of our self-determined moslem enemies.

    Any lawyer, judge, or politician who engages in such practices is a criminal and an outlaw, and so should be dealt with accordingly.

    Islam (aka “Submission!”) is extortion, period. And extortion is always a crime.

    Islam is not a race nor a religion. These (il)legal rulings effectively forbid people from “denigrating” criminals by defining them AS criminals, and seeks to prevent people from warning others about the criminals and their crimes.

    In doing so, their choice makes them willing accessories enabling the moslems’ crimes; participants in the moslem’s global extortion racket.

    And it makes their leaders traitors, because allowing foreign (sharia “law”) courts to exist in your country is to enable those foreign governments to govern in your country; it’s obviously TREASON.

    Islam’s Sharia is either compatible with our Western, morality-based law (in which case it is superfluous) or it is not (in which case it is illegal). And everything about islam is ALREADY illegal:

    Holy mobster Moslems only hate infidels because the Qur’an says “god” orders them to – Period.

    Islam is a threat to everyone because IT says it is.

    ALL moslems are criminals because, by their own rules, they must endorse in public every word in the Qur’an.

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    So the Qur’an is a clearly-written, us-versus-them hate-crime book, endorsing a permanent might-makes-right death-threat.


    Here’s islam’s “holy Message from god” as exemplified by the collective words and deeds of it’s Founder:

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    Muhammad was really only a con-man and bandit-king, an arch-criminal who always blamed “god” for his own penchant for committing crimes. If Moe got away with committing a crime (and he tried them all, enthusiastically, more than once, but instead of ever showing contrition, bragged about how much fun it was to commit them, and advised everyone else to join in the fun, too), then it was held to be “obvious” that “god” wanted him to get away with having committed those crimes!

    And since “allah” forced him to commit them, they were never really “crimes” at all in the first place!

    Sura 4:77: “Those who whined “Hold back your hands (from attacking)” were corrected:

    “War is compulsory for us – the good and bad both come from allah!”

    As Muhammad himself put it, “I have been made victorious through terror” (Bukhari 4.52.220).

    The Qur’an clearly and very specifically tells muslims the Bible is wrong and also that all Christians and Jews are infidel criminals who worship a false god, and who must therefore be extorted, enslaved, and murdered for their “crime” of not being muslims:

    Sura (Chapter) 47:1-4 of the Qur’an:

    1: non-muslims are bad, (allegedly because they insult allah by dividing his nature*);
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    (“Allah could have done it himself, but he wants you muslims to do it for him”).

    It’s all right there, in context: islamic violence is entirely general doctrine-driven, and not at all specific grievance-driven.

    (And chapter 47 isn’t by any stretch even remotely the worst, most violent chapter; that honor goes to either chapter 8 or 9).

    So don’t go looking for what actions of yours may have offended or provoked them; they have been taught from birth that your existence alone offends their god, and so should offend them.

    Muslims have been officially taught to believe that they are the “best of people” (Qur’an 3:110) and that unbelievers are the “most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6).

    *[Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority: their abode will be the Fire: And evil is the home of the wrong-doers! (3:151)].

    So, if and when you consider islam to be a religion, you must agree with it’s main tenet: that God is a violent murderer who wants his muslim tribe to violently conquer the world by extorting, enslaving, and murdering all the non-muslim humans, right?

    At WORST, all REAL religions only say:

    “Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”

    …but ONLY islam says:

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    A forced ‘Faith!’ ISN’T a “Faith!” at all – it’s only extortion, and extortion is always a CRIME.

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    2:191 Slay the unbelievers wherever you come upon them.
    9:5 Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.
    2:98 Allah is the enemy of the unbelievers.
    30:45 Allah does not love the unbelievers.
    3:28 Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.
    3:85 If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah) it will never be accepted.
    8:12 Cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.
    8:60 And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy.
    4:89 Anyone trying to leave islam must be murdered for it.

    Got that yet? “Kill them wherever you find them!” is from (2:191, 4:89, AND 9:5).

    There really is not any room for doubt. Islam is a MURDER-gang / extortion racket posing as religion.

    Everything muslims pretend to see as “holy” is already a crime!

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    So, islam is not a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace”) nor is it a “race” (at all, much less one of “Poor, Oppressed, People Of Colour”)!

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    BAN ISLAM – because everything moslems pretend to consider “holy” is already a crime!


    To reiterate:


    Treat everyone equally. Islam is a crime-gang demanding special rights without responsibilities, as all criminals always do. Muslims are crime-gang members. Tell them so, tell them to leave islam or we will prosecute.

    Islam is only a crime-gang, and all of its holy-mobster “muslim” members are criminals!

    When someone says “I’m a criminal!” then, because that statement alone is an extortive declaration of threat (or a lie, which means they are also trying to steal the truth, which then also renders them declared criminals) THEY ARE.

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    That’s why we have LAWS which state that merely being a MEMBER of a crime-gang, IS itself a crime, whether or not any given individual member therein has committed any specific crime other than the one of general membership.

    Rape, slavery, robbery and murder are never OK! Not even when backed up with a “God told us to!” excuse!

    Nobody really has a “right” to practice these crimes collectively called “islam” anywhere on earth!”


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