6.100 Fresh Cultural Enrichers Arrive in Italy Over Weekend

6.100 more cultural enrichers were picked up in North African waters and skippered to Italy, where they will be received by bleeding hearts and teddy bear throwing leftoids.

Thousands More Migrants Arrive in Italy Over Weekend
Some 6,100 migrants were rescued at sea over the weekend as they attempted to cross the Strait of Sicily from North Africa into Italy.

Massive migration into Italy continues unabated, as some 6,100 migrants were rescued at sea over the weekend as they attempted to cross the Strait of Sicily from North Africa into Italy.

In a series of 24 different rescue operations coordinated by the Italian Coast Guard, vessels recovered thousands of mostly African migrants as well as 14 dead bodies off the coast of Libya beginning on Friday and continuing all the way through Sunday.

In other news:

LESBOS IN FLAMES: Rampaging migrant mob STORMS asylum support offices on Greek island

RIOTS have broken out on the Greek island of Lesbos where migrants have stormed European Asylum Support Office (EASO) buildings.

Fire rips through offices on LesbosFire rips through European Asylum Support Office buildings on Lesbos

Police said a mob of around 70 people, most from Pakistan and Bangladesh, threw rocks and burning blankets at EASO containers inside the Moria migrant camp.

Always remember: the utterly corrupt UN is run by the OIC:

Building fences and keeping Islamic terrorists out causes more terrorism? I beg to differ. The idiocy excreted by these morons beats the brazenness of the Mohammedans.

A United Nations investigator has warned that moves to crackdown on migration may worsen the risk of more attacks in Europe while breaching refugees’ fundamental rights.

Ben Emmerson, the Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism and human rights, found “little evidence” that Isis and other terror groups use refugee flows or that asylum seekers are prone to radicalisation.

The Italian coast guard said it recovered seven dead bodies on Friday and another seven the next day, while a number of people are still reported missing.

Participants in the rescue efforts included EU Navfor Med, an Irish naval vessel, various merchant ships and NGOs such as Doctors without Borders, Boat Refugee Foundation, Lifeboat, SOS Méditerranée and Sea Watch.

The latest arrivals push the number of migrants arriving in Italy to over 150,000 since January 1, 2016, a figure that exceeds the numbers of migrants arriving in 2015, which had itself been a record year.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) less than 2,000 migrants have subsequently left Italy, while the immense bulk have remained. The Populist Five Star Movement has used these data to attack sitting Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, insisting that he has zero clout within the European Union and has no idea how to solve Italy’s enormous migrant crisis.

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