Afghan welfare seekers complain: no halal meat, French care more for cows than for migrants

Nothing in the French constitution says French citizens have to feed Mohammedan welfare seekers or provide them with halal food.  The French have every right to reject the Mohammedan hordes that their irresponsible gov’t dumps on the countryside:

‘There’s no halal meat’ Migrants brand France “racist” and say they want to come to Britain

MIGRANTS recently evicted from the Calais Jungle have branded France racist and says they will do anything to come to Britain.

Calais migrant FranceGETTY

Migrants have branded France racist and say they want to come to Britain

The migrants claim they were hoodwinked by French authorities, who told them they would be given a “big house in a big city”, but found themselves holed-up in a dirty former children’s home in rural Normandy with no halal meat in sight.Before they arrived, locals dumped manure outside their soon-to-be-home and lit a bonfire by way of protest.Rahmat Ahmadi, 18, says conditions are so bad that many migrants are looking to escape in a bid to find their own way across the Channel.

Rahmat said: “They lied to us migrants.

“They promised we would go from the Jungle to a big house in a city. But they dumped us here in a place with no halal meat in the meals, no internet, and where we sleep ten to a bedroom and the kitchen is covered in flies.

“The cows over the fence are better cared for than us. We were tricked and we are going to walk out.

“They are racist. We don’t want to stay here and will just leave and go to a city to wait our chance to get to the UK from there.”Earlier this week 6,000 migrants were cleared out of the Calais Jungle and dispersed across France, where they were told they could apply for asylum.

But the vast majority do not want to stay in France, Rahmat revealed.

He said: “I do not want to stay here in France. Nor does any Afghan I know. The cows in the field are cared for better than us.”

The Afghani migrant gave a scathing critique of French authorities and the Normandy home he and his countrymen have been given, claiming they had to clean the place themselves and were serves beef and chicken that was not halal, meaning they have been forced to live off vegetables and rice since arriving.

He blasted: “We were persuaded by the French authorities to get on a coach to claim asylum in France, which none of us wanted to do.

“They did not tell us where we were going. On the coach we asked and were shown a map of Normandy miles away from the Jungle.

“A French charity worker on board said it would be a big house. Then when we got here the coach disappeared and we ourselves had to start cleaning the place: the showers, the bedrooms, everything was filthy. We were just dumped in the middle of nowhere.”