Germany on edge over botched terror attack in Chemnitz

As you know, pigs have a special talent to find truffles. Mohammedan refugees, if you believe the lame stream media, find criminals and gold treasures. The latest example of the genre of the refugee tale newly created with the “refugee crisis” is provided by the good refugee of Leipzig, who presented the evil non-refugee or semi-refugee of Chemnitz. 

 Three other Muslims have already been arrested. Merkel’s solution? More Muslim migrants. Hillary’s solution? More Muslim migrants in the U.S. as well. It’s civilizational suicide.

leipzig_attentSo Wie Schweine Trüffel finden, finden Flüchtlinge Verbrecher und Goldschätze. Das jüngste Beispiel des mit der Flüchtlingskrise neu geschaffenen Genres vom Flüchtlingsmärchen bietet der gute Flüchtling von Leipzig, der den bösen Nicht- oder Halbflüchtling von Chemnitz stellte. [mehr]

More than 1,179 children are believed to be at the camp [Pascal Rossignol/Reuters]

UK to accept hundreds of “children” from Calais camp

Home secretary tells MPs children in “jungle” refugee camp with right to reside in UK will be admitted within days. (We all know that these “children” are soldiers of allah and way into their twenties).