Government-funded ads on Swedish television ordering the natives to adapt

Are we going were Sweden went?

Salute that flag, new Swedes
Salute that flag, new Swedes

Last year about 200,000 Islamic migrants from Africa and the Middle East arrived in Sweden, which has a population of just 9.8 million people.

That would be the equivalent of more than 400,000 arriving in Australia, but within a much smaller area. Sweden is only 450,295 sq km² compared to Australia’s 7.692 million sq km. As you can imagine, certain demographic and cultural changes are occurring.

Many Swedes don’t like these changes, understandably enough, so their government is telling them they’re wrong.

Government-funded ads are running on Swedish television ordering the local population to adapt:

To imagine how chilling this must be, following is a transcript of the ad with all mentions of “Sweden” and “Swedes” replaced by “Australia” and “Australians”. If we hadn’t successfully stopped illegal immigration before the latest surge, it is very easy to believe we’d be seeing similar official directives here

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