Lesbian social engineers vs jihad

… politically that is


This is what happens when you put politically correct  Lefty Lesbians into positions of great power…..they are hamstrung by their university brainwashed Leftist ideology….and can’t see the wood for the f*kcing TREES.

Again the police publicly maintain that young Muslims are being radicalised and deradicalised. This contention is about as naive and inept as their handling of the Lindt Cafe siege. Deputy Police Commissioner, and the very average Cath Burn, again tried to suggest yesterday that the Muslim community is needed to “dob in” its radicalised youth. And that shows Commissioner Burn’s basic misunderstanding of Muslims and what Islam means.

The politically correct class has radicalised the feuding cop class that has never read a copy of the Koran and is never likely to.

Muslims are neither capable of being radicalised nor deradicalised. It’s a stupid concept.

Either Muslims are Islamic or they are apostates under a death sentence. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any middle ground.

The cult of Islam decrees that every person in the world is born a Muslim and therefore he/she must adhere to Islamic beliefs or die. Infidels, by virtue of having been born (you and me) have already betrayed the sanctity of Islam and that sin now demands our decapitation.

It’s not a new law of Islam, in fact it has been around for over a thousand years, so please, no gasps of dismay.

This is where the political class falters badly in its obscene eagerness to accept and understand Muslims’ “unusual” compulsion to separate non-believers’ heads from their torsos.

The PC class still believes only “radicalisation” could possibly induce an otherwise “reasonable” Muslim to act this way. Well, if the PC class knows of a sect of Islam that DOESN’T believe in beheading non-believers, please let me know… because I, and I guarantee no-one else, has ever heard of one.

                                    Peaceful tolerance of intra Islamic cultural beliefs

Like Christianity, there are possibly one hundred strains of the Islamic cult that differ marginally, mainly on historical grounds. But all of the various Islamic cults believe in their own version of loathsome Shariah law and the death of the infidel. Although interpretation of Shariah may differ minimally and in no substantive way.

Muslims kill more Muslims than infidels due to historical disagreements (Shiite and Sunni)… it’s not differences in wretched Sharia law that ignite the warring factions, it’s historical differences in political beliefs and it’s just that sometimes we get in their way.

There is no category available in Islam for the term “radicalised”, therefore “deradicalised” is a misnomer and seen by Muslims as a curious fiction of infidels.

                   This is not 1400 years ago, it’s today in the Saudis’ Chop Chop Square

In Islam there are only those who follow the cult’s instructions and those who keep quiet about them until they can publicly justify our decapitation under an Islamic caliphate. And the most priggish Muslim is capable of beheading you without even working up a sweat.

But keeping quiet doesn’t diminish their desire any more than does belonging to the KKK or Collingwood. They also wish to mostly remain anonymous in the suburbs so that borrowing a cup of sugar in a white conical hat or a black and white jumper from next door doesn’t demand an explanation as to why the neighbour took to you with a lump of four by two. Cowards of the cult, in other words.

The PC class also insists that Islam is a religion, and that insistance is at the seat of the problem. It is not a religion, it is a political way of life, a cult like any other cult that should not have the Consitutional rights of a genuine religious faith. It encompasses every foul belief and despicable ancient custom imaginable.

Therefore to place it in the multicultural pigeon hole is a mistake. And to suggest a Muslim can be radicalised on-line is bullshit… they learn to make bombs on-line!

It is the military, it is the education system, the judiciary and penal system and it dictates every political and social activity and every private thought.

If it is possible to “deradicalise” Islam out of a Muslim then it’s also possible to “deradicalise” Catholicism out of Tony Abbott or Collingwood out of Eddie McGuire.

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