Our leaders are delusional or deceptive – or both!

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Our leaders are delusional or deceptive - or both!

Today the PM and Opposition leader called for tolerance, diversity and inclusion in Parliament – with an emphasis on Islam.

They both feel that Islam has a special place in Australia and that terrorists have somehow hijacked and misinterpreted what Islam should really be about. MT thinks terrorist blaspheme Islam.

They patronisingly and condescendingly want to teach the rest of us a lesson in love, tolerance and respect….are you kidding me!

From the Sydney Morning Herald: “”Australia and the world faces the threat of terrorism perpetrated and promoted by extremists who claim to be fighting and killing for Islam,” Mr Turnbull said, arguing terrorists “blaspheme Islam” and have been condemned by Muslims.”


Seriously? Terrorists blaspheme Islam!?! He is either delusional or deliberately deceptive. There are over a hundred verses explicitly inciting and condoning terrorism in the Quran and many more in the Hadiths. The example of the so-called prophet was all about chopping, slicing, dicing, cutting, terrorising and more! Of course some Muslims condemn this behaviour – the Quran commands that Muslims do whatever it takes, including lie, to protect the honour of Islam.

Can Malcolm Turnbull actually read? What about Bill Shorten? How do they honestly expect us, in this day and age of the internet, to swallow their claptrap about Islam being blasphemed? ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, all OIC nations for that matter, plus countless Muslims around the world literally obey commands such as Sura 8:12, “strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers, strike at their necks and cut off their fingertips.” There are many, many more such horrific passages that Muslims around the world literally obey.

I have said repeatedly that it is FANTASTIC that many Muslims in Australia disobey and reject such vile commands – but the FACT remains that we don’t know who will be the next Quran reading, pious, devout Muslim to literally obey the Islamic texts.

Until these politicians actually start having an honest conversation about Islam they will be mocked, rejected and ignored. Turnbull and Shorten are losing credibility by the day – and neither had much in the bank to begin with!

Their actions today are insulting, divisive and do further damage to their cause. It is time for them both to man up and face the truth. Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian ideology with political, legal, socio economic and military aspirations.

Other world religions focus on acts of service and acts of worship. No one has a problem with people praying, giving to charity or fasting. What we do have a problem with is the supremist attitudes of Islam and the imposition of Sharia that tries to hide behind a very thin veneer of religion. Australians are waking up and we won’t be spoonfed such dribble any more.

Confront the reality that Islam needs an application of serious critical thought! You can prattle on all you like with your MT BS but we the people will have this conversation with or without you.

3 thoughts on “Our leaders are delusional or deceptive – or both!”


    Australia’s “elected” political representatives
    are getting away with continually appeasing AND ASSISTING islam … invade Australia !

    it is …NOW… up to Australia’s political representatives to PROVE THEY ARE NOT islams APPEASERS AND ASSISTORS or be incarcerated for TREASON !!!
    The islam who are political representatives go automatically to jail !

    BECAUSE AUSTRALIA’s non-islam population is allowing this islam appeasement AND ASSISTANCE by islam appeasing and assisting Australian politicians !
    • islam invasion (called immigration) continues !
    • islams remain in Australia … and continue to Demand !

    It is TIME these islam appeasing Australian political representatives and ALL other islam appeasers were INCARCERATED !

    STOP islam APPEASERS !
    STOP islam !

    Remove these criminals (islam appeasers and islams) …
    1. Purge the sterilised islam appeaser Masters Globally !!!
    2. Purge the sterilised islam appeasers Globally !!!
    3. Purge islam and its sterilised islams Globally !!!
    4. Pulverise ALL the islam Mosques Globally !!!

    Sterilisation … STOPS islam !!!
    It must become a condition of being an islam !!!

  2. At best, they are simply declaring “I’m non-compus-mentis: since I can’t understand cause
    and effect, then neither can anyone else! So since all “facts” are really only opinions, then
    my entirely fact-free, unsourced and subjective opinions are the diversely opposite equals
    to your silly objective facts! Whee!”

    To which I reply: Thank you for your public confession of mental incompetence.
    Now go back to the kiddie’s table and leave the adults alone.

    Because either they’re lying, like most criminals do, pretending to be stupid
    and to have merely made some mistakes, to avoid their mens-rea guilt;

    … or they’re really that stupid. Either way, they should be locked up
    for everyone’s good, and definitely not be allowed to vote any more.

    Finally, libertine “liberals” embrace the brazen rule of criminal chaos,
    where all is allowed unless and until very specifically forbidden; as
    opposed to the conservative’s opposite stance, where all is
    forbidden unless and until very specifically agreed to.

    That’s why they call them selves liberals. Even “classical” liberals
    were only trying to rein in the criminals of their day – the oppressive
    feudal monarchs – by enforcing the Golden Rule on them.

    Once said liberation was completed during the Enlightenment
    their embrace of universal equal human rights simply
    became what they are now trying to “conserve.”


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