The government of Gambia accuses Europeans of “genocide” of migrants on Europe’s shores.

Gambians also declared it amounts to “persecution and humiliation” of Africans.

You couldn’t make it up. No one asked them to come. Since when do failed African states have an entitlement to ship their surplus humanity to Europe?

“Thousands of young Africans in search of greener pastures have been dying on European coasts on weekly basis,” Bojang said. “For what crime – because they are black?”

“We depend on almighty Allah and Allah-willing all the racist, genocidal criminals responsible for the continuing mass slaughter of Africans will face justice,” he added.

Gambia pulls out of International Criminal Court, citing hypocrisy
The government of Gambia has declared it is leaving the International Criminal Court, accusing it of “persecution and humiliation” of Africans.  | News | DW.COM | 26.10.2016
What kind of ‘genocide’ is this?

Last year 1 million illegal immigrants from the Third World invaded Europe.

The number now is lower than that extraordinary high, but still so high that Europe will pay.

The International Organisation for Migration said 318,816 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea in the year to October 16. The number of deaths recorded by the group (3,649) over the period is 532 more compared with the same time last year.

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