Israel in the crosshairs

Caliph Vows to Turn Israel into Graveyard

Israel News Network, (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

We can stick our heads in the sand or take these people seriously.

World War II has taught us to never take these threats lightly.

Yes, it is propaganda – but it also makes it crystal clear what there real opinions are on Israel.

ISIS terrorists are just a few miles away from Israel’s borders. Israel needs to keep them out at all costs.

The False Premise of Palestine and Peace

by Barry Shaw

  • If the international community wants to see Israel make dangerous concessions, then they, and they alone, must ensure that Israel has a united and pragmatic peace partner.
  • This should be Israel’s basic demand: that a united Palestinian political leadership will recognize the right of all the citizens of the Jewish State of Israel to live in peace and security, alongside the State of Palestine.
  • It is that simple. That is all it takes.

The notion that the creation of a state of Palestine will herald everlasting peace is naïve in the extreme.

After 50 years of a two-state failure, the French and other diplomats, in their duplicitously-named “peace initiative,” have no other idea for how to settle the Palestinian problem, except to behave like parched men trudging across a burning desert toward a distant mirage that they think is an oasis paradise. It is not, and the same diplomats will take no responsibility for cleaning up the dangerous outcome of such a disaster.

The international community is pressuring Israel to make wholesale concessions in territory and security, risking social and political upheaval, to grant the so-called Palestinians a state of their own.

The sole criterion for making this happen is for the international community to accept the Palestinian precondition of forcing Israel withdraw to pre-1967 lines, which are the 1949 armistice lines and not a defined border.

Whenever I approach a European diplomat with the following questions, none of them can give me an answer:

1) What happens when a new emboldened Palestinian government continues calls for the liberation of the “rest of Palestine”?  (More)

Fatah official: 
Trump’s “true face” – “Zionist and racist”
Op-ed in official PA daily:
Trump is “a most problematic man…
eccentric, aggressive, racist,
and rash in his responses
because he is short-tempered and undiplomatic”
PA Ambassador to the UN: 
If Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem, 
that is an “aggression” and “an attack”
PLO official: 
“What we heard before the elections 
is not what we will hear after the elections”
Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Following the election of Donald Trump as the next US president, Palestinian leaders and others have reacted to the choice of the American people and voiced their opinions and expectations of Trump.
Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee Jibril Rajoub commented on Trump’s “true” nature, categorizing him as a “Zionist and racist”:

Is there really “no religious rationale” for terrorism, as Barack Obama has said? In this new video, I show why that is a false assumption that leads to wrong and repeatedly failed policies.