Why should we not blame Muslims for terrorizing us?

Everywhere in the world, the jihad rages on. Here in Australia, our political clown-gallery is like a dear in the headlights when it comes to Islam.

… but the Don won anyway


It is of no consequence that his name was Abdul Razak Ali Artan and it doesn’t matter that he was a refugee from Somalia. And of course the fact that he had driven into a crowd of infidels before taking to eleven of them with a butcher’s knife just happened to be an instruction straight out of the ISIS handbook… it still wasn’t enough for authorities to declare this a terrorist attack, much less an Islamic terrorist attack, before they viewed his suicide notes (above). Presumably, Obama is still President!

Muslim, Buddhist or Christian… the real threat is Islam itself and what is required of a devotee of the cult. Each and every attack since (and including) 9/11 was by people who would never be suspected of unpaid parking tickets, let alone the killing of thousands, and that’s what makes Islam so dangerous.

Unfortunately the rhetoric that protects Muslims will remain until the 20th of January when Trump takes over and a new approach to Islam will catch up with Europe’s hard-learned lessons.

Obama’s cowardly refusal to face and deal with any damned problem will be his only legacy. Turnbull will follow him into historical oblivion as he too refuses to face and deal with our Western Sydney Muslims and Sudanese refugees rampaging through Melbourne.

The Left has infiltrated our Security Agencies over many years and they are demanding that we don’t blame Muslims and that Islam is an honourable faith. And you think Donald Trump has a lot of cleaning up to do? Australia’s Green Left has remained unchallenged while it infects every corner of Aussie society, and we are sans a Donald to fix it.

Where is Australia’s rebirth of sanity? Where is our Wilders, where is our Le Pen? There isn’t one. Those who see Pauline Hanson as a saviour will need to wait for another decade or two, she is leader of a micro party in the Senate, and micro parties are not known for their longevity, even in the Reps. Not even the Nats, as Coalition partners, are known for their bush bravery.

Australia is in danger of being left behind with the plasticine Turnbull and a UN besotted stick insect to lead us. Both have resolved to leave the centre-right Abbott sniping away on the back bench. They have learned nothing from the disastrous Gillard experiment with Rudd.

Our craven Conservatives, under fire, have fled to the Left hopping into bed with Shorten while he pretends to have gone off sex and starts domestic arguments over nothing. So, who the hell do we vote for? Shorten’s out, Turnbull’s out and Pauline’s confined to the obstructionist Senate.

Basically we are rooned, destined to drown in the wake of a reparative Trump tsunami with no-one in sight to deal with our Islamic terrorism or the UN’s massive global warming hoax which is designed to bash energy dependent nations into submission and allow Islamic OPEC to call the tune… which they are already doing.

All roads to destruction can be traced back to the UN where it planned a new world order as the defunct League of Nations. So what hope do we have with the stick insect photocopying Gillard’s infatuation with a UN seat where she can relax holding hands with her sleepy Mr Wonderful?

And Mr Turnbull? Well, while the rest of the sane world was lauding Trump’s win, he was emulating Gillard, snapping selfies and playing touchy feelies with Obama.

And Abbott? Well, if he was to be reinstated, which he won’t be, the main players and their roles would all still be the same. Abbott has suffered fiscal deprivation on the back bench and only a front bench Ministry can remedy that.

“No vacancy”, eh? Turnbull’s ridiculous appointment of Senator Marise Payne to Defence eventually had to be augmented with a novel “dual Ministry” that includes the 60 billion dollar submarine man from South Australia, Christopher Pyne! Neither is capable of the monstrously unwieldy Defence portfolio, whereas Abbott would be ideal.

Turnbull’s Australia runs last again!

But isn’t it nice that Abdul Razak Ali Artan held off his Islamic terrorism until after the Presidential election. I mean, any terrorist activity during the hustings would no doubt have assisted Trump and hurt Clinton, but the Don won anyway.

Yet it does make you wonder just what lovable links flourish between Islam and the Left.

The degenerati spring into action:


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        1. There seems to be a LOT more of that, recently here in Canada! LOTS of muslims using their standard French and Scottish names (although proudly wearing islamic dress as they pose for their photo-ops and selfies) are popping up in the press after being arrested for their suspected “terror-ties” etc – I wonder if ISIS might have issued a directive to them to use their kaffir names when they get caught, to throw the willing presstitutes off the scent of camel-dung entirely?!


      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an ice head (addict), St Kilda and Balaclava aren’t that far away you should see some of the white trash around these places.

  1. The best (or worst) thing is to do as Columbus did a month before the OSU attack – and officially condemn ‘islamophobia’ – not the jihad that triggers it.

    Columbus, Ohio, City Council Condemns Islamophobia with Resolution

    CAIR-Columbus Applauds City Council Resolution Condemning Islamophobia

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