Turnbull caves to people smugglers. And admits it

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Malcolm Turnbull has caved to the boat people who have outwaited him on Manus Island and Nauru. He today announces a deal to send some to the United States, and even admits people smugglers will use this as a “marketing opportunity”. —More below the fold

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Turnbull talks tough about this deal:

It will not be available to any persons who attempt to reach Australia in the future.

Really? Who can believe that when Turnbull has just buckled and offered the boat people in Nauru and Manus Island a first prize – entry to the United States?

We anticipate that the people smugglers will attempt to use this as a marketing opportunity.

Even Turnbull has admitted, then, that he has given the people smugglers a green light. All he can say is that he’s ramping up naval defences to stop them.

Turnbull says it is critical to send people smugglers an “unequivocal message”. What a joke, when he’s just admitted he’s helped their marketing.

What Turnbull does not say is what he has offered the US in exchange. Almost certainly it will be what he flagged at the United Nations: that we will take in “refugees” from Costa Rica.

Nor is there any guarantee that this deal will be accepted by President Donald Trump when he takes over in January. Trump said he would freeze Muslim immigration temporarily and stop taking in refugees from Syria. Why would he endorse this?


Immigration minister Peter Dutton and three senior officials – from the army, the navy and the border force – all try to send a message that they will turn back any boats that now try to come. What more evidence do you need that this is a big win for the people smugglers?


Turnbull on whether Trump will agree to this, too:

We deal with one administration at a time.