UK: MPs Claim Islamic Movements ‘Share Our Values’

‘Political Islam’ shares our values, says group of MPs.

See what we are up against?

These MPs are the enemies of Western values….. enemies of the British people.  Yet, they take their income from the tax-paying British people. Hypocrites of the worst kind.

Many ‘Political Islam’ movements share our values, say MPs

The government should narrow its definition of ‘political Islam’ and recognise that many Islamic political movements share the same values as Britain, according to a report by an influential committee of MPs.

The report criticises th Foreign Office for using the term to describe both groups that embrace “democratic principles and liberal values” and others that instead hold “intolerant, extremist views.”

It was also heavily critical of the FCO’s recent report into Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which was conducted by Sir John Jenkins, while serving as British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, which gave the impression that it could have been influenced by a foreign state.

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