Wally rubs it: ‘It felt like the day after 9/11’

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No, Wally: a peaceful election is not like the worst terrorist attack.

‘It felt like the day after 9/11’: Waleed Aly describes the mood in New York after Donald Trump’s victory

Islamo-agitprop  Waleed Aly – compared the mood after the democratic election of Donald Trump to the death of over 3000 innocent people mostly crushed to death… See More

‘It felt like the day after 9/11’: Waleed Aly on the mood in New York
  • The Project host Waleed Aly has been in America covering the election
  • Donald Trump was elected after getting more votes in the electoral college
  • Waleed Aly was told the mood in New York City was like that after 9/11
  • The election of Donald Trump has caused widespread protests against him

The mood in New York City after Donald Trump won the presidential election has been compared to the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Waleed Aly has been in America covering the election and was in the city after the result came through.

People were trying to come to terms with the fact Trump had been elected – walking around dazed, shocked and crying.

Thousands of demonstrators protest anticipated immigration policies of president-elect Donald Trump during a march

Thousands of demonstrators protest anticipated immigration policies of president-elect Donald Trump during a march

‘I spoke to a journalist there who said something that completely shocked me,’ The Project host said while speaking to 2DayFM.

‘He said it kind of felt like the day after 9/11 because everyone was walking around not really believing what had just happened.

‘They’d wake up and go, “That was not a dream that was real”, and try to have to come to terms with it.’

The term 9/11 refers to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York when terrorists hijacked commercial airplanes and crashed them into the World Trade Centre’s Twin Towers, killing almost 3,000 people.

Since Trump, the Republican candidate, was elected by winning the electoral college vote there have been large-scale protests in major cities across the United States.

That included in New York City, where a majority voted for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote.

Aly noted that Trump’s messages since being elected seemed to have ‘moderated’, but that it was ‘too late’ for that.

But Wally wasn’t really where its at: 

College Students Given Coloring Books & Play Doh to Help ‘Cope’ With Trump’s Victory 
In the life of a nation, there are moments of crisis and, in this nation, those crises have been blessedly few. The war to end slavery and hold the union together. ⋆ US Herald

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  1. This Alley Weed numbskull needs to be removed from public view.

    Slimy piece of shit. I never watch the project because of the dog, my ex called me racist because of my stand, she’s another dumb whore.

    Watch as the piece of shit gets Australian of the year, it’s been the season of handing over awards to mooseskums, piss beer upon them.

    1. Hello Richard,

      According to the Eurabia theory, Europeans are antisemite. How do you feel about that?

      1. Like you say Nicolas, it’s according to the Eurasia theory.

        I suspect there is a meme that pushes that concept.

        But I’ve had non-Ozzies try to tell me we (Ozzies) are racist.
        And yet I’m having a conversation with them.

        Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
        (and to be honest, I just wish all religion would go away, hen none of this nonsense would be going on).

  2. Agreed …
    Wally along with the rest of his Brothers & Sisters(includes Turnbull & Most Associates) in crime requires purging … Globaly

    However …
    so does the management of Channel 10 require purging … Globaly along with this companies shareholders … they all have the responsibility to remove Waleed Aly from this misused advantageous position !!!

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  3. Barry humphries put him in his place. In an interview with dame Edna where aly was clearly out of his depth, she asked him ”do you have fun in bed dear little waleed?” ”Yes I do” was aly’s reply.
    ”Well” replied Edna, ”just think how much more fun it would be if you has someone with you!”
    This is true, on the project I think.

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