Turncoat will be turning again

It’s dawned on Turnbull that Trump could destroy him

Observe how Turnbull changes overnight from saying this process “will not be rushed” to hoping it will be “speedy”:

My take:

The journalists praising this shambolic deal have not yet realised that it could destroy Turnbull in just two months if Trump then cans it.

And that’s even without more boats being lured over:

Indonesia has warned that an agreement that could see hundreds of asylum-seekers currently detained in Nauru and Manus Island resettled in the US will be a “breath of fresh air for people-smugglers”.

Indonesia’s senior police commissioner for human, child and sex trafficking, Sulistiono, told The Australian he was concerned that Malcolm Turnbull’s resettlement deal would give fresh impetus to people-smugglers look­ing to revive their trade in asylum-seeker movements.

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Hussein Obama says “the illegal immigrant children are “American kids.” Reporter To Obama: Can You Help “Shield” Information Of Illegal Immigrant Families From Trump?

3 thoughts on “Turncoat will be turning again”

    they changed Channel 32
    previously called SBS2
    now SBS VICELAND !!!

    good name for an Australian TV channel that now blatantly transmits programs that prothelyses lies about what being an islam means … viewer beware !

  2. to be more precise …
    SBS VICELAND is transmitting a program called Balls Deep !

    In S.1 E.2 … our investigative reporter Thomas Morton joins a Moslem family in Michigan for the “holy month” of Ramadan !
    The investigative reporter (Thomas Morton) does not realise that he has inadvertently been (“trick“) converted to islam … as islams do !!!
    … along with incredible WITHELD information about islam.

    SBS has previously transmitted another documentary about “living as an islam” called …. Embedded with Sheik Hilaly

    Embedded with Sheik Hilaly was transmitted by SBS in mid December 2011 (made in 2008) with presenter Dave Zwolenski !

    Embedded with Sheik Hilaly does a wonderful exposé of what islams are really about in Australia and what they REALLY think of “Aussies” … whether these REVEALS were intentional or not … it is well worth a look via the theloop.com.au link above.
    (shows a LOT of deluded about islam females in islam)

    Still not convinced thought that Dave is now not a perhaps “unintended and by trickery” islam convert !!!
    (NB: Dave Zwolenski had to agree to attend Mosque and also pray like an islam before the shifty Sheik Hilaly would agree to do the documentary) … so he’s a convert …. right !!!

    I ask again … why is islam and its islams and the islam appeasers STILL in Australia !!!
    Purge islam … Globally !!!

  3. The Embedded with Sheik Hilaly video is now only a clip of around 4 minutes – full video no longer easily available !
    However there is a Study Guide available which appears to be the transcript of the documentary BUT with instruction on how to interpret “correctly” … ie. how the Global PTB want you to perceive everything islam … rather than the reality of how islams want to convert or enslave or kill every non-islams !

    I’d never had a problem with people believing
    in whatever they want, so I was a little disap-
    pointed that these guys weren’t really accepting
    of my right not to believe
    .” – Dave Zwolenski
    Dave I repeat – islams want to convert or enslave or kill every non-islams !

    as the meerkats say … Simples !

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