Why is her failure our fault?


Tell the truth about Mohammedan criminality and watch them go apeshit. Quite a spectacle. Do you think we should be ruled by 200.000 criminal Mohammedans? Ruby Hamad certainly does. She wants Peter Dutton sacked for calling out Mohammedan criminality.

Why Peter Dutton should be sacked
An elected representative cannot be allowed to collectively blame more than 200,000 of his fellow citizens. But here we are, long past the age of reason.—SMH.COM.AU|BY RUBY HAMAD
Why blame us if you won’t take lessons?

Andrew Bolt


Fairfax columnist Ruby Hamad rages that racist Australia has robbed her of her heritage: “I stopped reading, writing, and speaking Arabic; this poetic gift of my ancestors is now largely lost to me and I grieve it every day.”

But there is a very strange thing about her claim.

If she grieves “every day” at her lack of Arabic, why doesn’t she simply enrol in language lessons? Here’s just one of many courses, offered in her home city and subsidised by the taxpayers of this allegedly racist country.

Moreover, it turns out that Hamad does indeed speak some Arabic, but has not troubled to improve it:

Why is her failure our fault? Is this part of the victim culture that seems far too strong in the Muslim Lebanese?


This is from an article claiming Peter Dutton was wrong to say Malcolm Fraser made a mistake in lowering our immigration standards to bring in thousands of Lebanese Muslim migrants, many unskilled and illiterate:

…Dutton stated that 22 of 33 people charged with terrorism offences in Australia were Sunni-Muslim Lebanese-Australians. The first thing to note about this is that Dutton’s numbers are correct…

That this group is over-represented among terrorism offenders – and supporters – is concerning…

It’s also true that there are increasing, and worrying, links between terrorist groups and organised crime… It’s true that Asian and Middle-Eastern organised crime and gangs are a significant issue in Sydney and Melbourne in particular – so much so that police have dedicated task groups investigating them – and members of these groups historically include Australians of Vietnamese and Lebanese background.

We know that criminal gangs of all backgrounds are preying on marginalised youth across Australia. And indicators are that at-risk groups include recent arrival communities, among other communities.

The issue of most relevance to this inquiry is Victoria Police’s report on the alarming number of Melbourne’s South Sudanese youth involved in criminality, and how this might relate to resettlement services.

If there appears to be a link between criminality and the migration experience, it’s worth examining to see what might be done to mitigate the risk.

Yet Dutton is wrong, apparently.


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  1. You can only be robbed if you either will not fight for it or you are just plan stupid enough to leave it out, forget about it and then it is taken from you. The loss of heritage and culture are just convenient arguments for people who have lost their way and looking for an excuse to blame everybody else but themselves.

    1. Hello Tanya,

      According to the Eurabia theory, Europeans are antisemite. How do you feel about that?

      1. Islam is the world’s oldest and largest ongoing extortion racket and crime-syndicate, the declared aim of which is to murder all the non-members of their gang in the world.

        They also OFFICIALLY aim to enslave rape and murder our children.

        Brievik killed the children of some of the complicit enablers of this global crime-gang (which was admittedly also a crime, but wouldn’t have been had he been the government).

        But I’d rather be ruled by someone whose actions were designed to protect his own people and thwart traitors from importing hordes of criminals who want to extort, enslave, rape and murder us and our children, than by those very same criminals he tried to protect us from.

        If you disagree, go find some muslim shit-hole in the Middle East to live in, convert to islam and go otherwise fuck yourself and your own children there; but just stay the hell away from the rest of us civilized, law-abiding folks.

    2. Hello, “Tanya:”

      So in your (obviously islamic, sharia-based) worldview, the onus is on the potential victims of criminals to defend their property, not on the criminals to restrain them selves; aka might-makes-right?

  2. There was nothing stopping her when she turned 18 leaving and going back to her native, backward Arabic shi*hole.

    I wouldn’t learn Arabic if you paid me, it’s a disgusting backward, gutter driveling, peasant language.

    I personally think they borrowed it from the camels.

  3. Malcolm Fraser, he who lost his pants in a cheap motel in Memphis, had ample opportunity to have apologized to the Australian people for the terrible thing he did in allowing the Lebanese Concession (http://www.smh.com.au/news/opinion/immigration-mistakes-return-to-haunt-us/2006/10/30/1162056925283.html) to go forward. If he had any decency he would have, in the final years’ of his life come out and done so knowing that he would be scorned by the Left for it but relieving those who had to deal with his treason decades later from the same fate as has happened with Dutton from the likes of Shorten and Aly and more generally the ABC and Fairfax. But Fraser had become one of them.

  4. “Do you think we should be ruled by 200.000 criminal Mohammedans?”

    Do you think we should be ruled by you, Breivik’s comrades?

  5. The ultimate aim of islam is to MURDER US!

    Once they have the world, their scriptures declare that the “pay the jizya” protection racket option will become null and void, leaving only “convert or DIE!”

    That’s their own, officially declared end-game aim!

    Why not skip all the intermediate steps, as so many of them obviously feel perfectly god-mandatedly free to do, and cut to the chase?!

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