Finally, some steel from the Australian government following shameful UN shenanigans.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week said Australia likely would have broken with the US and New Zealand by opposing a UN Security Council resolution criticising Israeli settlements:

Her revelation came as former foreign minister Bob Carr declared Donald Trump’s election could empower Israel to seize the West Bank, comments that will stir a growing debate within Labor about its ­position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ms Bishop yesterday said the Turnbull government remained “firmly committed to a two-state solution” and indicated that, had Australia been a member of the Security Council, it would not have supported last weekend’s controversial resolution that demanded an end to Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.

After Bishop tested the waters, Prime Minister Turnbull subsequently described the anti-Israel resolution as “one-sided” and “deeply unsettling”:

Turnbull made the remarks at Central Synagogue in Sydney on Friday, where he took part in a menorah lighting ceremony for Chanukah.

Describing the resolution as “deeply unsettling for our community”, the Prime Minister said, “Australia stands with Israel. We support Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Further on this from Rowan Dean in the Daily Telegraph and Benjamin Netanyahu:

Strong statement from @netanyahu
‘Obama admin not only failed to protect Israel…it colluded behind the scenes’