UK Pawn Sacrifice

Placing bacon anywhere near mosques gets you a death sentence in once great Britain:

An investigation has been launched into Kevin Crehan’s death after the lag died in jail six months into his 12-month term

The following is a comment left by Perfect Child under this multi item post where I ended it with a few thoughts about the man who died in prison while serving a 1 year sentence for what in reality should be considered littering.


“A MAN put behind bars for a racist attack on a mosque earlier this year has died in prison.”

Let that sink in. The mosque was attacked for racial purposes.



This is what YASMIN JEFFERY of the Sun newspaper reported.

As we are very familiar with Islamists’ attacking and destroying religious property, so YASMIN is equating this as exactly the same.

What actually happened?

“The gang left rashers of bacon on the door handles of the mosque, and put bacon sandwiches on the doorstep.”
“CCTV footage of the racially motivated attack depicted two men standing by a St George flag with “no mosques” written on it.”

This was incredibly restrained.  There was no property damage.  Two bacon sandwiches lay on the floor. Bacon smeared on handles.  A teeshirt sentiment wanting “no mosques.”

Where was the racism?  Their target was the ridiculously dangerous propagation of Islam.  A Femen sacrilege-statement, and not a Martin Luther Reformation notice.

The same intent as George and Mildred’s Christ Art.Apart from trespass, a minor clean up and hurt feelings that may be claimed for, nothing happened.  In the morning, the Imam would be outraged, filled with the fear of retribution for the Jihad attacks in Berlin and Paris and demand police protection.

This was a political protest.  The humor lost on those who cast the spirit of pigs back into their own heads.

Which means they are now (minus 1) British political prisoners.

Article above taken from a comment by Perfect Child.

3 thoughts on “UK Pawn Sacrifice”

  1. The UK govt. is incredibly lenient with violent crime but insult the muslims, and you will be severely punished. The world is truly upside down. It is so sad to hear of Kevin’s death over nothing, just a protest over islamization.

  2. Yet another crime (Kevin Crehan’s … death/murder) the Politicians Politicals and the “Suicidal Self-Haters … some are aka Lefts” are accountable for … along with their islam masters !

  3. Civilization is on the cusp of collapse into an Orwellian nightmare. So far, it’s just been “isolated incidents”, etc., but it’s close, very close.

    For a mental comparison, think about your life, thoughts, feelings prior to 9/11 and since 9/11. Try to comprehend what you would have thought prior to 9/11 about a man being imprisoned for putting bacon on a door and subsequently dying (probably murdered). Now what are your thoughts? I’m outraged, incensed, yes, but surprised, no. That’s how far down this rabbit hole we’ve gone.

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