Happy Italians: Cop Cristian Movio celebrates with colleagues after terrorist Anis Amri’s deathHappy Italians: Cop Cristian Movio celebrates with colleagues after terrorist Anis Amri’s death

Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph

He’s in a morgue after slaughtering 12 people last week at a German Christmas market:

The Berlin market attacker, Anis Amri, has been shot dead by police in Milan.

The Tunisian criminal fired on police who asked him for ID during a routine patrol in the Sesto San Giovanni area in the early hours of Friday.

German authorities say fingerprints they provided have confirmed the dead man is Amri. They are trying to find out if he had accomplices …

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was “relieved” that the attacker had been neutralised but added that Islamist terrorism was “a recurring threat to us”.

Can this absurd dumphfrau not hear herself? She’s less alert than an Italian trainee policeman:

The hero cop who shot dead Berlin truck killer Anis Amri was a trainee who had only been on the job for a matter of months, it has emerged.

Luca Scata, 29, was today reported to be the man who pulled the trigger on the terrorist behind the Christmas market massacre in the German capital.

The Sun reports that the 24-year-old suspect is said to have pulled a pistol from his back pack and shot at two officers — hitting one in the shoulder — while screaming “Allahu Akbar”.

And then Luca scattered him.

At least he had bullets in his gun. In Germany, the Merkel regime gave police women big guns without magazines, just to impress. These women would be dead now.

In other news:

A German designer has come up with tear-proof undergarments using materials similar to bullet-proof vests, secured with a padlock, and a built-in 130-decibel alarm to deter Muslim rapists.

So I guess when they fail to rape her, they will just kill her?

Thanks to BNI & Vlad Tepes

Meanwhile, in Australia:

A plot to attack landmark sites in Melbourne’s CBD on Christmas Day has been foiled following a series of raids in Melbourne …

Commissioner Graham Ashton says there is evidence to suggest there were plans for an “explosive act” which had the power to injure or kill a “substantial” number of people in an area around Federation Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and Flinders St Station.

Revelations the would-be terrorists were radicalised by IS propaganda point to the alleged Christmas Day attack being an Islamic terror plot.

Seven people have been arrested and five people remain in custody, after five properties in Gladstone Park, Flemington, Meadow Heights, Dallas and Campbellfield were raided.

That’s great work, but elsewhere in Victoria security was outsourced to the volunteer private sector:

A quick-thinking tradesman risked his life to stop a man from potentially blowing up petrol bowsers with a cigarette lighter in Melbourne’s west.

The hero sprung into action when he saw a potential disaster unfolding at a St Albans a service station at 5pm last Wednesday. CCTV footage shows a man walking up to service station bowser. He picks up the fuel pump, and holding a cigarette lighter in his right hand, tries to set the bowser alight.

When it fails to ignite, he angrily throws the pump onto the ground and moves to another. A tradesman spots him on his second attempt, and launches into action. The good Samaritan pulls a fire extinguisher from the front of the bowser, walks up to the man and douses him with fire retardant foam. He then chases the offender away from the service station in a haze of foam.

The 30-year-old hero, who doesn’t want to be named, said he believed the man’s intent was to kill or injure bystanders. “It looked like he was trying to burn the place down,” he told 7 News. “If he had have lit the petrol, I imagine most of us probably would have died or been pretty severely injured.”

The would-be arsonist hung around for a time, receiving a second dose of tradie justice. Then the tradie visited two police stations to file a report, but was told “they were too short-staffed at the time to take a statement”:

He later reported it to a third, in Melbourne’s north west, but the tradie said the response he received was inadequate.

“I think [the potential arsonist] is a risk to the public and I do think it needs to be followed up on.

“And I just don’t think the response I got from that particular officer – not against the station or the force in general – that particular officer, wasn’t adequate.”

Agreed. And worse followed:

Police told 7 News they would not be investigating the incident as nobody was injured and no damage was reported.




  1. Love this twenty-first chastity belt for women. Who says the Germans have no imagination? But (forgive me for being gross) as well as protecting the women’s sexual organs, will it also protect her rectum, her mouth, her hands and any other part of her body that can be abused sexually? Muslim men don’t seem particularly concerned about how they treat infidel women of any age, do they? Extreme youth or extreme old age … it’s all the same to the warriors of Islam. But I gotta especially love the way the responsibility for the protection of German women is being cast back upon the women themselves. ‘Got yourself raped by one of Mother Merkel’s invitees, little German Housefrau? Ah well. See that’s what happens when you go around without wearing the chastity belt. Silly woman. You’ll know better next time, won’t you?’

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