Breeding Killer Zombies: Muslims raising “cubs of the caliphate”

Syria: Muslim father sends his two pre-teen daughters on jihad suicide missions

ISIS releases moms’ guidebook to raising ‘jihadi babies’
“Cubs of the Caliphate.” Children pose for a photograph in a training camp near Damascus, Syria, December 6, 2014. (photo credit: SITE Intel Group)
The Islamic State has released a guidebook for young mothers with “helpful tips” on how to raise a Mujahid Child, outlining techniques they believe will develop the body and jihadi spirit of the new generation of extremist fighters.

Entitled Sister’s Role in Jihad, the latest propaganda move by the extremist organization these killer zombies tries to convince their loyal followers that the “most important”role women can play in Jihad is to raise their kids “not only in spirit”, but also to develop their physical ability and training.

The key to success, IS argues lies in introducing these values in them while they are babies. “Don’t wait until they are seven to start, for it may be too late by then!,” the handbook that recently surfaced online states.

Syria: Muslim father sends his two pre-teen daughters on jihad suicide missions

“Syrian father convinces young daughters to undergo suicide missions in sickening video,” by Bethan McKernan, Independent, December 21, 2016:

Disturbing footage of a Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (JFS) fighter in Syria convincing his two young daughters to take part in suicide missions has emerged online after being posted by rebel media sources. 

It is thought that one of the girls may have been behind the suicide bomb which hit a police station in Damascus last week, although the link cannot be verified. 

In two videos, the man who belongs to JFS – the newly adopted name of al-Nusra, or al-Qaeda in Syria – films his wife saying goodbye to eight-year-old Fatimah and seven-year-old Islam. 

“Why are you sending your daughters?” the man asks from behind the camera. “One is seven and the other is eight, they’re young for jihad.”

“No one is too young for jihad, because jihad is a duty for every Muslim,” the woman replies, as the family praises god and the daughters hug and kiss their mother.

In the second, the two girls themselves say they will take part in suicide operations in Damascus. 

“Why don’t you leave this to the men? The men who escaped on the green buses?” The child, confused, says yes, before her father asks more questions.

“You want to surrender so that you’re raped and killed by the infidels? You want to kill them, no? We’re a glorious religion, not a religion of humiliation, isn’t that so darling?”, he coaxes. 

“You won’t be scared, because you’re going to God, isn’t that right?” he asks the younger girl. 

The sickening footage was shared widely online on Wednesday. It is not known where the videos of the family were filmed, but the mention of ‘green buses’ suggests Aleppo, where the infamous regime buses have been transporting both rebels and civilians to neighbouring Idlib province this week after the fall of the city to government forces. 

In October, the UN estimated there to be around 900 JFS fighters among the 8,000 rebels which had held onto the eastern part of the city for the last four years. 

But Syrian government has also bussed surrendering rebels out of besieged areas on several other occasions, including in the southern Damascus suburb of Daraya, which agreed to an amnesty in August. 

Several commentators in Syria have speculated that one of the girls could have been behind an attack in Damascus station last Friday, in which a little girl wandered into a police station in al-Midan and asked for the toilet before she either detonated a bomb on her person or it was detonated remotely….