False Flag Op In Melbourne?

Wanna bet that this is yet another false flag operation?

Massive fire guts Australian Islamic center
Arson suspected following fire and ISIL graffiti vandal attack on Islamic center

A reference to ISIL has been found sprayed in both English and Arabic across the wall of an Islamic center in suburban Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, following a huge “suspicious” blaze in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The fire, which was reported at 2.30 a.m. (1530GMT Saturday) and took 50 minutes to bring under control, is under investigation by the Victoria Police arson squad.

The Age reported that the center has been the target of three arson attacks in the past six months.– World Bulletin

Jamal just left the building

(Lets burn the mosque and blame Trump)

Man sentenced to 4 years in Houston Christmas Day mosque fire
The man who pleaded guilty to arson in a fire at a mosque on Christmas Day in 2015 has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Gary Nathaniel Moore, (a Muslim convert) who investigators say also used the name “Jamal” Moore, was in court today.

Prosecutors said just after the fire that Moore was seen on surveillance video leaving the building, and that authorities found lighter fluid at his home — the same accelerant found in the mosque.

Should We Blame Trump for the Christmas Mosque Burning?

The Big Picture RT, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

# muslims under attack in America 🙂

Merkel: ISIL battle raises risk of terror attacks in Germany 

Unbelievable. They’re channeling Hussein Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood:   fighting Islamic terrorists will make them really angry, so we have to treat them so nice  that they don’t  want to blow us up anymore.

“We should complement the coalition against terror with a coalition for education,” von der Leyen said. “To win the war we have to dominate the internet,” she added. “But to win peace we have to offer hope and a future.”

Increased aggressiveness against ISIL could lead to heightened danger at home. Her message comes as Germany and its allies seek new ways to counter radicalism.– World Bulletin

KATIE HOPKINS: What is Angela Merkel going to do about migrant boats?

The boats keep coming. The Italian coast guard picks the invaders up from the Libyan coast by the thousands, every week. We are not even trying to keep them out. But its not just the boats that should worry us. Far worse are the highly illegal ‘family reunions’ that allow tens of thousands of Mohammedan savages and their brood to be flown in. 3 years ago I was sitting in a cafe’ in Frankfurt airport, Terminal 1, when at least 5 of those flights arrived and the arrival hall filled with stinking, bearded, hijacked and burqa-clad ME savages, who were shouting, swearing, spitting and cussing at native Germans and tourists alike.

That was before Merkel’s disaster. I would suggest that it is far worse now.

By the time 1.1 million refugees had arrived in 2015, ordinary Germans had grown so tired of playing tolerant host to the intolerant masses, writes KATIE HOPKINS.
Obama: “If we act like this is war between US and Islam, we’re going to lose more Americans to terrorist attacks”

Gibberish. Wrong on all counts. Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama speaks for Islam. He is always on their side, never on ours. Why? Because he is one of them. He was NEVER one of us.

He doesn’t believe a word about this shiite about “hope and not fear” and what “makes us stronger”.

Nothing Hussein Obama has ever done made the U.S. stronger. He sabotaged everything that makes the U.S. strong and made it weaker on all fronts.

Terror suspect with loaded Kalashnikov arrested in Rotterdam
The man, detained on suspicion of planning an attack, had an AK-47 … Kalashnikov with two full magazines and a large image of an Islamic State flag, prosecutors said. Four boxes of highly explosive illegal fireworks were also found, along with mobile phones and €1,600 (£1,340) …Read More… From Sky News and Dutch News
Obama: U.S. must embrace Muslims to defeat terrorism

Doctor Obummah  prescribes submission:

In a clear warning shot at President-elect Donald Trump, President Obama said Tuesday the U.S. can only protect the homeland against terrorism by embracing Muslims and encouraging a society “that can criticize a president without retribution.”

4 thoughts on “False Flag Op In Melbourne?”

  1. The first step in defeating “international terrorism “,is to put Barry Islam Hussein Obama in an orange jumpsuit,adorning some heavy duty “bling ” around his wrists and ankles.

  2. It’s a double-header: destroy your own crappy mosque and get the infidel insurance companies to pay you for a new one, AND slander the infidels as racist arsonists! It’s win-win for them, as usual, and lose-lose for us infidels!

  3. Re: “A reference to ISIL has been found sprayed in both English and Arabic across the wall of an Islamic center in suburban Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, following a huge “suspicious” blaze in the early hours of Sunday morning.”

    BWAHAHAHA! Of course they torched their own mosque!
    (How many hateful racist bigot white infidels can write their hateful racist bigotry in ARABIC?!) LOLOLOL!

  4. The 2nd picture down – of the ( arab/african ) guy with the ‘zebiba’ really highlights how the zebiba-inducing practices actually inflict brain damage on already poorly equipped individuals.

    His eyes totally lack clarity, awareness and spirit.
    He looks like he’s just smoked an ounce of top quality buds in one session.

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