Got Muslims? Got Terror!

Full titled video of Berlin Christmas Market jihadi thanks to Vlad Tepes:


Koranimals in Berlin parade around in a noisy motorcade to rub salt in the wounds and to provoke Germans. Here they celebrate the vehicular jihad attack that killed 12 people and injured 5o others:

From the Gates of Vienna, a post (slightly edited for clarity, with editorial commentary supplied by GoV) from Nicolai Sennels’ site in Denmark.

Dr. Sennels wrote this a few days before Christmas, but it’s even more germane now:

Dear 10News readers,

The above photos say everything: Countries with virtually no Muslim immigration can celebrate Christmas in peace, while West Europe needs to deploy heavily armed police to protect Christmas.

Selling homes in Poland and other East European countries — especially to Swedes, Germans and Fr[ench] — will become big business very soon.

And if you haven’t noticed: It is no longer a shame to say publicly — at lunch at work, at Christmas dinners with family or friends, at Facebook — that “I think that Islam is a danger to our freedom and safety”… “I think we should stop Muslim immigration” or “We have more than enough mosques”.

[Note: On Facebook?? Perhaps for Danes it’s okay to say those things on FaceAche, but it’s dangerous if you’re German. Zuckerberg has become infamous for an increasingly repressive mind-set, but the biggest ‘tell’ on his soviet tendencies came when he sat next to Merkel at the UN and promised Angela he’d turn any German Facebook miscreants over to her.

For Germans in particular, Zuckerberg’s fiefdom is definitely not a SafeSpace when you hold views that diverge from Merkel’s narrative.

In fact, it was this deal with the devil that prompted our decision at Gates of Vienna to exit the Facebook swamp forthwith. It remains troubling that so many people continue to use FB’s “curated” news as their main source of information. As if the MSM weren’t bad enough. — D]

DK10 News continues:

Everybody knows, and the few who don’t are becoming a small and ridiculous minority that should be ignored.

By the way: We will make a demonstration in front of the German embassy in Denmark very soon. With Europe’s open borders, Merkel’s immigration policy is putting everybody inside the Schengen in danger. We have to act.

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10News Team

Done and done, Dr. Sennels.

CNN: Islamophobia Is Destroying Europe

Serial plagiarist & Islamo agitprop Fareed Zakaria  on Caliphate News Network whine about the imaginary disease that prevents the conquest by Muselmaniacs:

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  1. Quoting the Sheik himself:

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